The Music & Literacy Promotion Project : Sparkly Charkalee Children's Songs

by Pialee Roy


Padma Sherni Inc. is a nonprofit organization enthusiastically established by Pialee Roy, who is committed to using her social policy advanced degrees to promote projects that promote childhood resilience through health, education, and multicultural awareness through the arts. She especially cares on improving access to basic education to support learning as a path out of poverty.  Research shows a strong connection between music exposure and increases in math and language ability in children. The Music and Literacy Promotion Project (MLPP) addresses educational disparities for preschool students in Northern Delaware by providing opportunities for students to participate in music session and developmental assessments.  In high-poverty areas, fewer students read on grade level and exhibit lower overall academic achievement.  Through early intervention, Padma Sherni Inc. is seeking to reverse this disturbing trend.

Our project focuses on regions in Northern Delaware with higher rates of poverty; according to U.S. Census data, approximately 35% of children in Wilmington live in poverty.  Groups of four research assistants will visit classrooms at-risk for low literacy rates. The 3 to 5 year-old preschoolers will participate in a fun, interactive 20-minute music circle time with musical toys, then they will have a shared reading time of a children’s book. Finally, the research assistants will also conduct a “Get Ready to Read” literacy assessment for each student.  These vital assessments will ensure that each student receives a literacy evaluation with feedback given to the schools and teachers about each child in order to provide early intervention or additional literacy promotion supports as needed.

Padma Sherni Inc. has collaborated with artists to produce and record an eight song music CD. The music CD includes and illustrated songbook with colorful and entertaining images for each set of song lyrics and also provides music notation for voice.  Our volunteers are planning to conduct outreach to 1000 to 1500 children in approximately 18 preschools. With funding raised through Hatchfund, we will provide a Music and Literacy Promotion Project kit to each child  The kit includes a music CD with an illustrated songbook, a musical toy, and a children’s book. 

Each research assistant will also receive a kit for reuse which will include a CD player, a few music CDs with illustrated song books, and children’s books, and literacy assessment paperwork to implement “Get Ready to Read”.

Will you please donate to Padma Sherni Inc. to raise $15,000 to provide a music and literacy promotion kit to 18 preschools in Northern Delaware? The kits will ensure children at risk for low literacy, receive music support for arts enrichment, which will enhance their cognitive development and prepare them for later Kindergarten success.  Each $20 kit will enable over 1000 children to participate in a music session, free play with musical toys, shared reading, and receive feedback about results of their literacy assessment at two time points, 3 months apart.  Any additional funding raised from this project will be used to provide additional kits.

Thank you for your support! Your gift will support music and literacy promotion among children at risk for low literacy or who are experiencing poverty.