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This project was successfully funded on October 28, 2014

The Moon Reader

by Teresa Jaynes


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I’m happy to report that the pilot for “The Moon Reader” was officially launched on September 23. The Reader is now installed and open to the public at all three of its locations: The Library Company of Philadelphia, the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped at the Free Library and the Magill Library at Haverford College.

I am grateful for the project grant from the Independence Foundation’s Artist Fellowship that enabled me to create the first of this two-stage project. My ultimate goal is for “The Moon Reader” to travel to libraries in other cities, in addition to more in the Philadelphia area.

The idea was to create and place the first three Reader installations in a private, a public and a college library respectfully. The differences in the culture of the institutions and the feedback from their patrons would give me a greater context to evaluate the presentation of the Reader. For instance, accessibility and the ergonomics of the desk layout, any undo burdens on the library staff and especially, my expectations for the visitor.  I have already learned a great deal thanks to the feedback from audience members at four events: a panel discussion at the Library Company and three artist talks at Haverford College, Tyler School of Art, Temple University and the Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial. A fourth event will be held at the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped on October 6. 

Your donation will enable me to complete the full volume set of The Moon Reader. That includes shipping crates and everything else that’s needed for them to travel to other cities in the United States. (The three installations that are currently on exhibit will continue to circulate to local libraries in Philadelphia.) Your support is helping us to bring this project to the visually impaired community who are often overlooked, especially when it comes to the visual arts. The books are meant to be touched and as a tactile experience, they are accessible to almost everyone regardless of their abilities. There is even a recording of the stories in the book for early readers. It was also important to me that The Moon Reader be exhibited in libraries. I got the idea and the content for the book from my research in the historical collections at the Library Company of Philadelphia. Libraries are for quiet contemplation, reflection and sometimes daydreaming. I believe that art belongs in libraries where people can experience it by happenstance.

Thank you to everyone who helped us to make our goal of 25% of the $2,500 total. Your generosity provided us the momentum that is so critical if we are to reach our ultimate goal by October 27.

More good news! An anonymous donor has pledged $500 toward the campaign if we can raise $250 by this Friday, October 17. If we succeed, that $750 will put us 2/3 of the way to making our final goal. Whatever you can give would be greatly appreciated.  

Please make a tax deductible donation today! Thank you for your support!