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This project was successfully funded on June 27, 2015

The LEARS Festival Showcase Summer 2015

by Patrick McCarthy


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Position THE LEARS Firmly on the Heath this Summer

I return to you with another Festival Showcase for Summer 2015 with THE LEARS: Fools of Fortune. A play about family, this contemporary American work begins my cycle of four adaptations of Shakespeare. A fool of fortune himself, the Alzheimers addled Edgar Reginald Lehman Lear, confronts his family at Thanksgiving dinner with a last will & testament that sets all players at odds. He has sold the family estate & will go to live with those that love him best.  WIll his two daughters Anneril & Reagan retain the family fortune & to what lengths will they go to do so? Will disinherited gay son Cord return as home health care nurse Cordelia Learson to care for his ailing father? And will the Storr family, Glen Storr Esq., Edmond "Monty" Storr, & Edgar "Ned" Storr, find their way into the legal tangle?

David Palmer Brown  [AEA, Actor's Equity Association] played Lear in the Hudson Warehouse KING LEAR, & will reprise the role in this contemporary context. Laurie Strickland [AEA, PRIDE RIVER CROSSING, EVERYONE's CAROL - The Dickens Museum, London] has also joined the cast as Reagan. With your support, we can position David & Laurie firmly on the heath, secure the rest of the cast & staff, rehearse & costume them, & create another award winning production.

I've set a $2,500 fundraising goal toward the stretch goal of $4,500, the total production budget. I'm asking you to adopt an actor for $200 to pay their travel stipend, or adopt a staff member's travel stipend of $100, or underwrite one of the set pieces for $75, or adopt the Promotions Budget of $300, or underwrite the rehearsal studio tech week rentals of $360, or make a $500 contribution & the Set Budget or the Costume Budget can be your very own.  For this AEA Showcase, the major expenses are travel stipends & audition/rehearsal studio rentals at $25/hr accounting for more than half of the entire budget. Insurance premiums, costumes, set pieces, promotion, administrative & printing costs account for the rest. And since we will most certainly go beyond our funding goals, any additional donations will increase the amount of the actor's honorariums who are donating their talents..

Make your tax deductible donation now. Without your support, The LEARS might not be able to scale the cliffs this summer. Join us for Thanksgiving on the heath... you won't regret your visit or your contribution to bringing The LEARS to vivid life.

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