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This project was successfully funded on February 16, 2016

The Last Signal

by Kyle Olson



Every 3 minutes, a WWII veteran dies.  History is lost when stories aren't shared.  Help us share this important story so we can educate and inspire Americans of all ages.

About the Film

This is a documentary about two WWII veterans who reunite for the first time in over 70 years.  Please watch our video to learn more from the director and one of our cast!

In June 2015, a 92 year old man became an overnight internet sensation. His name is Raymond "DeVere" Johsnon, and he was believed to be the last surviving World War II veteran of the LST-218. Adamant to prove he was not alone, his daughter created a post on Facebook asking help finding him a fellow shipmate. In just days, the post went viral, garnering over one million hits and attention from media outlets from all over the world. Weeks later, 91 year old veteran John Heimsoth was discovered. In effort to make up lost time, these veterans scheduled their first and final reunion.

Throughout the years, John attended several reunions for the surviving crew of the LST-218. In the early 2000s, John hosted what he intended to be the final reunion for these men, leaving him to believe he was the last living member of the incredible ship. In the years since the war, DeVere lived a much more secluded existence. He never knew of the reunions, nor did he seek them out. It was only after the Facebook post went viral he began to open up to his family about life in the war. For these men, this event is much more than a reunion. THE LAST SIGNAL is a thrilling story, proving it is never too late to make history, even at the end of life.

We Need YOUR Help!

We are thrilled to announce that the reunion and our veteran's stories have already been filmed, but we are far from finished.  We need YOUR help to take this movie to the next level.  At this time, we are collecting tax deductable donations for the Post Production process of our documentary.  This money will be used to help pay our editors and create stunning visual graphics so we can create a "sizzle" trailer to take to networks.  The sooner we are able to raise funds, the sooner this important story can reach a global audience.

Should we exceed our fundraising goal, we still have plenty of costs to cover.  Making a movie is not cheap!  Any additional funds we obtain will be used for Post Production services (color correction, audio mixing, scoring, etc) and to film the final pickup scenes of our movie - which include a scene we hope to film on an actual LST ship!

Your generous contributions will go a long way in helping us tell this critical story about our nation's history.  

History Matters

Please consider making a tax-deductable donation today.  Every dollar counts and you will be a part of making WWII history come alive.  Thank you!  

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