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This project was successfully funded on May 31, 2012

The Haircut

by Julie Akeret


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The What: There’s magic everywhere…” So begins this offbeat and sweet short film about a ten-year-old boy who enters a hair salon for a haircut. Ben’s life is a mess. He has been bullied at school, his mom is so busy with her multiple jobs and phones she doesn’t seem to have time for him, and on top of it, he has to get a haircut. Ben hates haircuts. But Cut to the Wish is no ordinary hair salon. There’s a hippo in the waiting room, a receptionist who would rather play with the toys on her desk than schedule appointments, and a hair cutter who seems to be some kind of gypsy mind reader. Ben has no idea, but after this haircut, things will never be the same.

The Why: Have you ever tried something new, totally out of your comfort zone because every once in a while it’s a good idea to nudge yourself closer to where life gets a little tippy? I have been working in documentary films for over twenty-five years and I love documentary films, but I really wanted to explore a different kind of story-telling.

The How: The idea for the story started as I was getting a haircut last fall. Blame it on a full moon or perhaps the alignment of the planets, but around me were women and men who were not at the salon for the usual trim. They were requesting major hairstyle changes to accompany major lifestyle changes. “I want a haircut that will make me look professional,” a woman with a long scraggly pony tail and a crying baby in a nearby stroller said. “I like pirates,” a kid with a pale complexion and crew cut confided. “Can you make me look like Jack Sparrow?” I had never really thought about it before, but the idea of the hair salon as a place of transformation seemed intriguing. 

Then, as I was driving home past a school where a recent incident of bullying had taken place, I began thinking about appearance and the role it plays in who gets bullied. That night I wrote the script for The Haircut. In addition to getting the film into the festival circuit, another goal for The Haircut is to be an educational tool for schools to help spark discussion on the topic of bullying.

The Now: We are in the post-production stage of making The Haircut. We are raising funds to cover the final edit, purchasing music and sound effects, the color and sound mix, original music, film festival entry fees, printing costs for press materials, and DVD manufacturing. Our minimum goal is $3,500, and our maximum goal is $7,000. Our minimum goal will enable us to do all of the above – but in a limited fashion. All personnel will receive a small stipend but essentially be donating their time as in-kind donations. There will be less time spent on the color and sound mix, less music and fewer DVD’s to distribute to fewer film festivals. The maximum goal will enable director, editor, composer and sound mixer to receive appropriate compensation for their work so we can spend time on the very important finishing stages of adding music, adjusting color and sound for this short film. It would be gratifying to have the funds to design a great DVD cover and enter this film into numerous film festivals, especially festivals which feature Shorts and Family Film categories.

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    • April 03, 2012 carolyn moore Community Member

      Fantastic trailer! Can't wait to see it.