The ghosts of the past exposed

by Megan Chapman


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The goal for my project, Ghosts of the past exposed, is to create connections in Scotland through a series of new works that combine genealogy, poetry and painting.I had the privilege of spending four months in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the winter and spring of 2012, painting and showing a new body of work while I was there.The grey days of Scotland, the cobbled streets and old buildings seemed to filter into my work, as I experienced my first trip overseas, my relationship with Scottish artist Stewart Bremner and the strange ghostly connection I felt with this previously unknown city.

While in Scotland, besides painting, I also researched my middle name Campbell, which was my paternal Grandmother's maiden name. I discovered that the Campbells are a large Scottish clan. I was able to trace my roots to a distant grandfather born in Scotland in 1785 but that is where the trail went cold. I would like the opportunity to return and fuse the findings of further genealogical research into a series of new paintings, exploring my familial connection to a place 4,000 miles away from where I was born. This new body of work will be infused with the stories I learn from my research and the atmosphere absorbed from my travels, as I uncover the ghosts of my family's past. This experience will culminate in an exhibition in both Scotland and in the United States.

This funding will allow me to return to Scotland to research my family's history and create this new body of work in a studio while being immersed in the culture as I live and work there for six months in 2013. All additional funds raised above my minimal goal will help me afford much needed equipment, supplies, more studio time and allow me to travel to other locations in Scotland, following wherever the Campbell name takes me.

I would be grateful for your help and for the opportunity to return to Scotland to create this work. This experience will give new meaning to my life and influence my future work for years to come. I believe most of us are searching for something, whether it is who we are, where we are from or a place to call home. I hope you will join me on this fantastic journey as I attempt discover all of those things and create this important body of work.

Thank you for supporting my project, I can't wait to share this experience with you!To learn more about my work please visit my website:

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