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This project was successfully funded on February 1, 2017

The Emotional Body

by Laura Bond


The Emotional Body is a revolutionary book revealing the details, previously only available through workshops, on a remarkable physical method for emotion regulation using Alba Emoting (also called the Alba Method). Often used by actors, Alba is now recognizable as beneficial for self-development, as well as useful for the mental and physical health professions, somatic education, business & communication fields, public presentations, and in all performance practices.

Alba Emoting emerged through a partnership between science and art. Chilean neuroscientist, Dr. Susana Bloch worked with actors to help turn her scientific discoveries into a method for physical emotion regulation. This book will be the first publication in English providing (1) detailed instructions and lessons on somatically sensing and embodying the Alba patterns, (2) practice and application methods, and (3) recent scientific findings on emotions and their effects on our health, relationships, and perspectives. The book is based on many years of extensive instructional development, theory, research and practice.

This exciting book project provides detailed instruction both in words, as well as in visual representation of the emotional patterns. The written part of the book is currently at 90% completion, with most chapters sent off to a professional editor for review. The author is currently meeting with an animation designer to consult on illustrations for the book, as well as animation designs for a web site, which will be accompanied by audio recordings providing practice lessons for each of the patterns. Once the book is finished, a web site will also provide animated & audio downloads demonstrating and describing the patterns in detail.


January 31, 2017       Finish Writing & Finalize Illustrations

February 28, 2017     Finish Editing & Finalize Animations

March 31, 2017         Finish Book Layout Design

April 30, 2017            Limited Print, First Edition Complete! Begin Web Design

May 31, 2017            Distribute Book to Donors, Finalize Web Site

The project requires the expertise of professionals beyond the author's capabilities. An animation artist must create many animated figures demonstrating emotional postures, movement, basic physical anatomy, breathing practices and facial expressions. An editor must read the full manuscript at least twice, working closely with the author to finalize all copy. A book layout artist will pull everything together into a professional-looking publication. Finally, a web page designer would design and layout the web page, and ensure the final animations along with their audio lesson accompaniments are accessible to the public easily. Professional audio recordings of the author reading exercises from the book are also needed to complete this phase of the project.


Animation/Illustration Designs $2000 – $3000

Book Layout Designs $500 - $1500

Web Page Designs $0 - $1200

First & Second Reading Editing Fees $1500 - $2300

On-Demand Publication Fees $300 - $1000

Book Cover Design $0 - $1000

Audio Recording $0 - $1000

Perk Costs (Including printing & shipping books) $1400 - $2800

The maximum, or Stretch goal of $13,800 covers the costs associated with hiring professional designers for all the illustrations, animations, book layout, book cover, and web designs. The maximum budget would also cover at least two evaluations by a professional editor, all publication costs associated with book printing, as well as e-book creation and distribution. It also covers the development of a professional-looking web site for downloading the animations and professionally recorded audio lessons. The Stretch goal would also provide enough money to support the development of more diverse-looking illustrations and animations, considering variations in gender and body types within samples. Perk costs include the printing and distribution of a large batch of first edition books.

The minimum, all-or-nothing Target goal of $5,700 is enough to support a more limited and simplistic version of the book, with fewer printed copies and less supplemental offerings. The illustrations for the book would be the primary focus of the illustration funding support. Some animations could be created, but less diverse offerings and less-refined images would most likely result. The editing would have fewer inspections by a professional editor. The on-demand company in-house staff would design the book layout, which can result in some sacrifices of layout design finesse and artistry. The publication would be limited to a smaller batch of First Edition printed books. There would be no e-book development, web site designed, nor any animations or audio lessons available for public download.

Let’s go for the Maximum Goal and produce a professional-looking book, web site, and easily accessible resource materials! Many positive-thinking people can pull together to make this book project a reality!

As a special "Thank You" perk for your help, I am offering a limited print publication of The Emotional Body in 2017. The book will NOT be available to the general public until possibly 2018.

Your generous tax-deductible donations can help bring this exciting project to fruition, and make the Alba Method so much more accessible to everyone!

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