The Dating Project

by Leah Devora


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Multimedia installation about communication using technology to explore interpersonal relationships  in the pursuit of love.          

The Dating Project was originally conceptualized in 1998. It came from the fascination listening to voices on a relationship/personal ad phone line.. The show is about Voice as art and the Art of Listening. The inception of this show began 14 years ago while doing dating on a phone relationship line. In the past 10 years I’ve been immersing myself in the internet dating world and think The Dating Project would be a very thought provoking and relevant show speaking to the large group of single men and women.

This project is not only an art piece, but it will also be a social experiment; where participating daters and observing bystanders will have a greater understanding of our lack of communication with one another. My goal of this art installation is to develop public discussions with our community as to how our communication skills have either enhanced or deteriorated from our civilization using the web. The sounds and displays of the piece will definitely lead to men and women freely exchanging conversations about dating as well as over all communication between one another.

The Dating Project is a commentary on how technology has changed the way we listen/ or not to one another. It’s about listening to what each other is saying without distraction. The Show is a Listening Show, voices are the primary element of art. The show speaks to the excess of technology that has over taken our lives and will provoke inner reflection. Cause reconsideration on how they communicate  with one another using texting as a substitute for intimacy.