Textures of a Soul ( A Curriculum Based Album)

by Mahoganee


My name is Mahoganee Amiger and I'm a recording, performing, teaching artist, songwriter, wife and mother. I am also a G.R.I.T.S. (Girl Raised In The South) This fundraiser is for our 4th Album "Textures Of A Soul". The concept which began in 2014 will be a Curriculum based album that will not only be phenomenal music created and composed by my husband Andre Amiger, it will be a teaching tool for the performing arts. 

Music is our connection, it's our art. Teaching, guiding and mentoring young people is our passion and this project will allow us to operate in our purpose. This album and curriculum will be a reflection of who we are as artists. We've done youth music camps and workshops so this is truly the next step for us. My husband Andre, suffered a 3rd stroke in October of 2017 and it really was life-changing. With me becoming his primary caregriver we've had the luxury of constant time together which has allowed us to reassess our life and how we want to truly spend it. 

There is a sense of urgency in living within our purpose and creating with purpose and that is why this project is so important to us now. Collectively we have over 50 years within the Music Industry and for the past 17 years we've created music together from the moment we met and it has brought us to this project "Textures of a Soul". Our music is Funky Organik Soul, a Style of Southern Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues & Hip-Hop. If you are not familiar with our story and social work, read more about us at (www.ResponsibleARTistry.com) Your support will give us the opportunity to share our educational art globally. Also visit (www.mahoganee.com) to preview past recordings and find out more about me as an asrtist. Also preview "Grandma's Listenin" one of our songs sung by 1st graders that we volunteered with once a week at St. Helena Elementary School in Beaufort SC. The song is also now apart of the Official Anti-Bullying Campaign of the Responsible ARTistry, Inc. partnering with Cut-N-Edge Cartoons, view the video HERE

In a time where so many arts and music education programs are being cut from schools and after-school programs, we aim to help fill that void by providing authentic, hands on arts integrated training for our youth.  We are artists who care about the impact of our creative content and with your support we can empower more youth. Our goal is to raise $25,000.00 that will be used to record a 10 track album in a professional studio with an award winning engineer with professional live musicians and publish a curriculum guide based on the music. The curriculum will be integrated in schools, after-school programs and summer camps. We are starting the recording project the first week of April and it will run the entire month of April 2018. Our tentative release date for a finished product will be the second week of May 2018

Please donate to our campaign today and help us hit our minimum target of $25,000 and reach our ultimate goal of $30,000 to fully fund this project. Money raised will go to cover out of pocket expenses for the recording sessions, paying the musicians, engineers, studio use, post production of mixing and mastering, design, photography, cinematography (there are plans to release a music video to one of the songs with students involved),  CD duplication, merchandise, and promotion. Creating and Publishing the curriculum guide with the help of Teacher Consultants. A fully funded campaign will allow us to create a phenomenal album, curriculum, and tour/lecture series throughout the Southeast and beyond. 

We can do it! You can help! Industry veteran Eric Winbush who has over 30 years of experience as a guitarist with the S.O.S. Band, Recording Sound Engineer and owner of his own professional studio has already agreed to take on the project. I have been a performing artist since 1991, recorded and written 3 albums to date and my husband Andre is a youth behavioral specialist and has created and composed the music and produced all of my albums as well as created music for other artists. We are all teaching artists and love mentoring the youth in our community. Collectively we have the foundation of experience to pull this all together!

With your support "Textures of a Soul" will reach its fundraising goal of $25,000. The vision to make a curriculum based album will become a reality with your help! We cannot thank you enough, but we will try!

THANK YOU! By pushing the donate button, your gift to us is tax deductible through the generous work of our host Hatchfund, a non-profit organization committed to cultural advocacy supporting the arts. A small percentage will be added to your initial donation in order for us to not pay ANY fees at all. THANK YOU again for taking the time to watch our video, read this far and support us in any way you can. Thank you for believing and investing in a project where artists, art and community are the focus. If you are not able to give, helping to spread the word can be equally powerful.