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This project was successfully funded on September 16, 2018


by Arthur Mamou-Mani



The Temple is a very special place for all of us.

It’s an inclusive space for everyone.  

It makes people cry, and it also makes people smile.

There is something very special about having a spiritual space that welcomes everyone. Regardless of your religion, beliefs, or creed, everyone is welcome!

The design of Temple Galaxia reflects a space that invites you.  In the center there are tears that represent our emotions. This tear chandelier brings us together and connects us to each other and to the space above us.

Temple Galaxia started in December 2017.

Construction has begun in Reno at the Generator, a maker space that has allowed us to have 4,000sq ft of build area to involve many amazing volunteers. We also have a build space in San Francisco, to welcome the energy of the Bay Area.

We have done  fundraisers in San Francisco, London and  Paris and we continue to have fundraising events until Temple Galaxia is funded. We have also given awareness talks around the world to explain what this project means to the community.

A project of this magnitude still requires funding. Funds from this campaign will go directly to materials, transportation, infrastructure, rentals and the unknown costs that will inevitably surprise us along this journey. We are an all volunteer team, self organized across multiple countries.

This is a project driven by passion, but we need your help.

Every gift matters, from small to large.  We are grateful for every gift. 

All gifts made to our Hatchfund campaign are tax deductible for US citizens EIN: 47-0749200.

Burning Man Temple Galaxia 2018 welcomes you.

Our community is building this for our community and beyond.




Physical description Video:

Geometry description video:

Galaxia’s twenty petals are generated from the intersection of twenty circles, which are subdivided into twenty modules using a mathematical graph.  

Galaxia will be home to celebrations of joy, love and community, as we move through the week we will see marriage, bonds and vows. A place to celebrate our spirituality the Temple will welcome all who wish to honor themselves and others and the Temple with their presence. As our community moves through the Temple they will witness magnificence. As a place to celebrate life and love the Temple will become a critical focal point for our community. 

Perk Preview




"Burners" by Nicholas King

Galaxia Poster

New LIMITED QUANITY Temple Turnbuckle 

3D Model in black or white


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