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This project was successfully funded on August 31, 2015

Support Laura Peterson Choreography this summer!

by Laura Peterson


Hello Friends and Art Lovers,

Laura Peterson Choreography needs your support today!  We are premiering a new work called Atomic Orbital next month.

Here's what happened... (all good things) Our summer calendar got really busy, really quickly and we have a funding gap!  We are reaching out to our community and donors with this fundraiser. Join us and make the rest of our summer a success by making a tax-deductible contribution right now.

First off: A big thank you to everyone who made our first 3 summer performances a success! 

May 30 @ Garner Contemporary Art Center. Garnerville, NY

June 12 & 13 @ SOAK Festival produced by Leimay in Brooklyn. 

July 1 @Judson Memorial Church STUFFED series NYC


August 27-30 @ HERE Art Center in NYC  What an opportunity. HERE is one the best arts organizations in the city and I am honored to be part of their calendar and to premiere Atomic Orbital, learn about this dance below. Our productions are supported by our presenters, but we need your contributions to support the artists involved. We are on the way, but still need to raise an additional $5,000 to get through August 30th.

Wait. How much does art cost?  Well, for our upcoming performances here are the numbers:

$1,600 dancers' rehearsal pay

$500 pays for rehearsal space

$500 set design

$3500 performance fees

Good news: Thanks to our donors and HERE Arts Center all the other production costs, including our lighting designer, PR, theater production are covered. What we still need is $5000.

What are developing for August? Atomic What?

This is a dance about the areas in an atom where electrons are most likely to be found; these areas are called Atomic Orbitals. I spent a lot of time reading about subatomic particles and the nature of electrons and translated it into the dance. Check out the teaser video here. It’s very physical, precise and abstract. And the dancers are excellent.

Did you know that your contribution is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE?!    IT IS! 

Thank you supporting my company and our artists.

Laura Peterson

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