Supply Run

by Josh Schwartz

It is the year 2060: the majority of Earth’s population has been devastated by a bacterial Moss which grew from the ocean. Only the deserts remain habitable as Jed, our young Lone Ranger is on his way home from a Supply Run. He speeds through the California desert when he runs into a distressed traveler. He offers to assist her, only to find that she has dragged him into something much bigger than he could have anticipated.


Supply Run has been written to act as a self contained short film that establishes an emersive post-apocalyptic world on a frugal budget.  We on the Supply Run crew and Bad Pup team hope to use this project as a concept video to partner with large scale financiers and producers in order to develope the short form project into a feature film worthy of becoming a capitol generating power house. 

Our Budget has been crafted around the submission of each department's individual financial needs.  Each department head gave their bare bones number required to bring this baby to fruition without sacrificing a bit of quality toward the finished product and that ended at just under $25,000.

The majority of our budget has been devoted to production design, visual Effects, practical effects, SFX make up, & camera package. We on the Supply Run team know what it takes to create a project of this magnitude in a way that will compete with & stand out against the strong competition we are sure to face.  

Please join us on our journey toward creating this new & exciting, post-apocalyptic future western that is sure to entertain, sell, & grow!


Josh Schwartz

Josh Schwartz is an aspiring Writer & Director working out of the Studio city/Hollywood area. Josh got his start as the assistant to the producing team at Status Media & Entertainment, an independent feature production company. Here, he was taught the ins and outs of all phases of film production from Pre-Pro to Delivery.Josh has since moved on from Status Media and is beginning his professional career via the Supply Run short film. In between the aforementioned positions,Josh worked with the development team at Cinelou films for a brief period before taking a hiatus to work on the film, Wish Man (Shot in in Prescott, AZ).Josh hopes to bring Supply Run to life via the Hatch Fund portal and has a full cast and crew ready to get to work. Supply Run is the futuristic Sci-fi-Western story of Jed, the young Cowboy/Weapons Engineer who stumbles upon a young woman escaping from a ravenous prison compound.Josh currently resides in the West Lake area of Los Angeles where he is working to bring to life, Bad Pup Projects, a new media company specializing in all forms of media Pre-Production & Physical Production. Supply Run will be the first budgeted & marketable project for the Bad Pup Team.


Tim Drew

Tim received his finance degree in 2016 from California State University, Fullerton. Since graduating he has worked as a credit analyst for the official bank of the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Chargers, Pacific Premier Bank. He also runs his own casual-wear clothing company, Equitas Apparel which he began in November of 2016. A film enthusiast from a young age, Tim seized the opportunity to join Bad Pup Projects as Head of Project Financing during production of their first short film, “Supply Run”. While new to the film industry, Tim’s knowledge of finance and experience from founding his own business make him an asset to Bad Pup Projects’ production team.

Scott Moore:Scott Moore is an actor and writer hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. A lover of all things film, television, and theater, Scott’s earliest memory is of yearning to play Superman, just like Dean Cain. After receiving his education from Creighton University, Scott held a few jobs before deciding to cash in his chips and move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment in the summer of 2014. Since then, he has been fortunate to be involved in a number of short films as well as online content as he continues to work on his craft. Scott is also deeply involved in improv and sketch comedy, and currently studies both at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles. You can see him perform in shows around town with his sketch team Babysitter’s Club and his improv team Family Loves Michael. He currently resides in Los Feliz, CA, and still loves Superman.

Lesette Maxwell:

Lesette Maxwell is a Los Angeles-based Union actress who has been studying contemporary acting for both stage and screen since 2016. Since then, Lesette has grown in craft through scene work and collaborations with directors like Tom McLoughlin, Perry Lang, and Harrison James.

Lesette was immediately signed with 126 Management after her first film role in "I Got You Babe", directed by Ashton Avila. The film has been extremely successful in numerous national film festivals and continues to win awards and praise from audiences all over the country. After wrapping "I Got You Babe", Lesette continued to dive into various roles for short films, independent films, and even student films produced by the filmmakers of American Film Institute and Chapman University. To tag along with Lesette on her creative journey, be sure to follow her on social media for updates. For any inquiries/ bookings, please email

Mitchel L Johnson:  

Mitchell is an American Actor from rural South Dakota. As a youth, Mitchell was placed in the "gifted program" at his school where he and his classmates competed against other schools in Quiz Bowls. In high school, his family moved to Sioux Falls, SD, where he attended Roosevelt High School. At 19, Mitchell moved to Hawaii with a friend, and at 26 started a construction consulting company that provides specialized services to commercial and military installations in Hawaii, Japan, S. Korea, Guam, and the Philippines. In 2015, Mitchell took an acting class with Kathy Muller Agency and they offered him representation. A few short months later, Mitchell had landed a guest star role as the ruthless hit-man "Jimmy Brigante" on Hawaii Five-0, a local commercial, and supporting role in the short film "More than Love" directed by Mitchel Viernes. With relatively-limited and sporadic opportunity in Hawaii, Mitchell moved to Los Angeles where he's been cast in both television shows and feature films.

Anna Hasselbring

Anna Hasselbring is a social media manager and writer from Scottsdale, AZ. She graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2014 with dual degrees in Advertising and Public Relations. With over 6 years of experience in social media management, content creation and writing for dozens of startups and small businesses from Phoenix to Chicago, Anna is excited to extend her reach into the film industry by joining the team for Supply Run. Media (and any other) inquiries can contact Anna at