Sunrise Video Shoot & Release Party

by YahJah

Yahjah loves to dance the night away with friends and created "Sunrise" for all the girls around the world who love to dance and have fun! Life can consume us all and breaking away to "let your hair down" can be a rare occasion for some. Whether at home, out with friends, or in the car "Sunrise" is liberating, carefree, and made to be an outlet for all the women around the world looking to have a great time. The video shoot is inspired by family and friends and will be a massive house party filled with bright neon colors, games, dance scenes, and both indoor and outdoor scenes. The video shoot release party is planned to be held at Après Lounge in New Orleans a place that Yahjah visited and immediately fell in love with. From the moment she walked in she knew that she wanted to have her video release party at the chic, brick-lined hot spot! Yahjah has neglected her passion for music for far too long, NOW she can no longer put it aside. It is her passion, her destiny, and her dream. Yahjah is willing to put in the work and she needs your help to make this come true!The video shoot! The video will consist of a house party scene. A dance scene choreographed by former NBA Dancer Willy. The party scene will be super colorful filled with balloons, party streamers, a DJ, and a dance floor. This will be an EPIC house party video filled with lots of fun and dancing.The shoot is planned for Friday March 17, 2017 in New Orleans, LA. The videographer, dancers, stylist, make-up artist, event planner, clean-up crew, and extras, and party crew will all contribute to making this vision come to life. Final editing and production is projected to be complete by Friday April 7, 2017. After the private release the video will be released to the public and sent to major platforms in hopes of airing all around the world.Yahjah is asking for $2,500 to make this vision come true.-Videography & Still Photography- $800- 3 dancers - $300- Choreography fee- $150- Wardrobe - $250- Makeup Artist- $300- Scene décor/Supplies- $600- Food for crew - $100Thank you so much for your support, I will not let you down!Sincerely,Yahjah :)