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This project was successfully funded on February 1, 2018

Summer, Winter, Spring

by Ian Winters


Led by media artist, Ian WintersSummer, Winter, Spring  is a live film and time-lapse performance in three movements which explores the radically varying physical rhythms and seasons of San Francisco’s UN Plaza and mid-Market street corridor through a combined film, performance and live music score. Through a series of time-lapse performance interventions it explores both the ongoing cycles of the city and landscape, and  witnesses the deeply contested and complex public space of Civic Center/UN Plaza -- embodying many of the fault lines running through our current social, economic and political landscape.

At the heart of Summer, Winter, Spring are a series of time-lapse performance films created each season in the Plaza through a collaboration with choreographers Mary Armentrout,Daiane Lopes da Silva, and paige starling sorvillo, along with composers Heather Frasch and Evelyn Ficarra, and performers Suki O’Kane and Norman Gee. On or near each seasonal tipping point we film a dawn to dark time-lapse performance in the Plaza with performers slowed down to “time-lapse” time. Seemingly motionless when observed on the street the performance becomes visible when sped up to the speed of the passing day, and, passing season.  Driven in part by musical ideas of rhythm and movement SWS contrasts and observes our daily pedestrian moments with the tension, patterns imposed on them by the built "choreography" of the City and precarious yet resilient nature of public space.  Civic Center in one of the few genuinely public spaces left in an increasingly privatized San Francisco that is scarred by widening gaps in economic, racial and social equity between communities increasingly stratified by race, class, and technology. As the formal architectural center of the City, the Plaza is one of the remaining locations in San Francisco where all of us can regularly transit (and lay claim to) the same physical public space.

We are seeking a minimum of $2,500 to support additional public engagement and live performance components of the project which will leverage more than $15,000 provided by other funders included the Rainin Foundation,  the Zellerbach Family Foundation, and The University of Sussex, Dept. of Music. Funds will be used to cover increased installation costs that help engage youth visiting the SFArtsEd Gallery and production costs for three stand-alone audio-video segments (monitors, speakers, playback equipment).

Meeting our stretch goal of $6,000 will allow us to fully fund performance fees, and, create an ongoing website gathering community responses to the project.  Summer, Winter, Spring premieres Jan. 26th, 2017 with an installation opening on Jan 13th, 2018 at the Minnesota St Projects, SFArtsEd Gallery at 1275 Minnesota St. San Francisco, CA.

Thank you again for your support of this timely exploration of our City. Receive a ticket to the show with your donation of $25 or more. Please consider making a contribution today. 


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