by Elio Robles


            Milky Cloud Productions is proud to announce its first full-length theatre production of Stripped by Jesse Chavez. Stripped a two-act play that begins as a camping trip that becomes a living nightmare for Nick Collins when his friend Spencer McNeil disappears. Nothing is as it seems in the trees and truth lies deep down the rabbit hole. Will the answers Nick seeks bring him salvation or damnation? The play was first performed on May 5th and 6th in 2015 at Humboldt State University the show saw success and a full house but was limited to only two nights due to limited funds. Two years later Milky Cloud Productions and its artistic collaborators are ready to put up a full-length run of the show.

            Stripped is a journey through one boy’s trauma and the many ways he attempts to cope with it. Using a surreal dreamscape we follow Nick Collins as his desire to live collides violently with his desire to give up. It is during this inner battle we see someone’s quest for redemption not only for themselves but for the very people that abandoned him in his time of need. This show will be about the search for the courage, love, and strength needed to move on.

            Stripped will begin rehearsals in April, giving the show a two month rehearsal period prior to its opening date on June 23 at the North Coast Repertory Theatre in Eureka, Ca.  The cast and crew are all undergrad students or recent graduates. This will give these young artists an opportunity to use what they have been studying for many years, and apply it to a new piece of work.

            We are attempting to raise at least 2,500 dollars in order to have two weekend of show performances and a month of rehearsal space we currently do not have. Any other monies raised will go to the cost of costumes, props, lights, and makeup. With any additional funds going to the contributing artist.

            Thank you for your time and contributions!