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This project was successfully funded on September 27, 2014

Stillpoint - Life Inside a Zen Community

by Penny Peyser


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UPDATE: I'm grateful to all my donors who have pushed me over my minimum goal. This will allow me to get "Stillpoint" festival ready. Very exciting! The next really important step is my "stretch" goal - which will make it possible to do color correction, licensing, graphics, mastering, etc. All the elements that will take the project to the best level possible. With your help, I know we can get there. My editor and I are going to be locking picture by the end of next week, so it's crunch time. If you're inspired to help spread the word about my project and campaign via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email (dealer's choice) that would be most appreciated! 

When I began visiting my sister who had been living at Stillpoint, a Zen meditation center located in the mountains above Santa Cruz, I never imagined that I’d end up making a documentary about it. But with each visit I became more and more fascinated by the people who had chosen a monk-like existence to follow an enlightened Zen master named “Umi”.  Who was Umi and what is Zen? Who would choose to be unplugged from our 24/7 digital world, give up your name, eat in silence, wear only blue, give up privacy and adhere to a strict daily schedule? And why would anyone choose a life without caffeine? It’s my intention that “Stillpoint – Life Inside a Zen Community” will shed light on those questions and more.

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This Project Has Been A Gift

Making a documentary is an intrusive process for the subjects – and I’m so grateful to Umi and the folks at Stillpoint who allowed me into their personal space for such a long time.  I owe it to them to make the best film possible.  And with your help I know I will. 

Thank you.

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