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This project was successfully funded on January 16, 2013

“State of Being” – a TEE⋅BO⋅DANS project

by Stephanie Thibeault


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“State of Being” is a collection of dance works that explore what it means to “be”—something, somewhere, somehow, or someone.  For this project, I am creating two new works; one exploring gender identity and another centered around the idea of “place.”  Other pieces I will be reworking for this company of dancers include American Dream; So, Love…; and Alternate Realities, all of which deal with the idea of perspective and finding beauty in one’s own definition of the current reality.

This project will allow me to bring my choreography, danced by talented Southern/Midwestern dancers, to audiences across the nation. Having moved to Little Rock, Arkansas to develop the state’s first BFA degree in Dance at UALR, I am continuing my lifelong journey as a choreographer and dance artist.  With the recent evolution of dance in Arkansas, including the advanced training of our university dancers and the relocation of professional dance artists to the state, I feel that it is time to share what we have with the national dance community as we expand our local contemporary dance audience.  TEE·BO·DANS is the name I am giving this newly-formed company of approximately 10 dancers. 

At the heart of this project is touring itself.  “State of Being” will bring together a body of work to be presented in a dance concert that will tour to Baltimore, MD, and possibly New York City, as well. In addition to keeping me connected to the larger dance world and giving me a broader audience for my work, this will bring recognition to Arkansas as fertile ground for contemporary dance (and the arts in general) while providing the dancers an opportunity to perform on tour and take part in the dance communities of other metropolitan areas.  I see this as an important step in boosting the contemporary dance scene in our own region while connecting our dancers with the rest of the dance world.

Please help “State of Being” meet our minimum fundraising goal of $8,500.  It is time for others to know about the talented dance artists residing in our region, and for all artists to connect with each other as they expand dance audiences and create a strong nationwide dance community.  While our minimum goal will help make this project possible, it is truly the bare minimum. We like to call it our “sleeping on floors” goal.  If we succeed in greatly exceeding our goal, we will be able to sleep in real beds, pay the dancers, and extend our tour to other cities, including New York City, either for a mid-week studio showing or a fully produced concert.  Thank you for helping us realize our vision for an exciting future of dance!

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