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This project was successfully funded on April 29, 2016

Stardust and Water

by Alana Shaw: Turning the Wheel


Stardust and Water is a fully produced, evening long performance in the stars. The piece is a collective biography, a work to be experienced both in the intimacy of our own bodies and in spaces between them. It is a wild and evocative biographical stage dream, moving in and out through time and memory to new possibilities.

Stardust and Water is performed by 30 cast members that includes people of all ages, abilities and socio-economic backgrounds, some of which who have never performed before, side by side with professional actors and dancers in a seamless intersection of life and art, authenticity and professionalism.

Guided by Turning the Wheel core performers/facilitators and Director Alana Shaw, the community cast excavates and choreographs potent personal memories, biographies and experiences. These stories are then woven into the overall structure of the piece, creating a tapestry of collaboration that highlights the collective experience of human beings.

Alana Shaw and Turning the Wheel is known for yielding beautifully crafted and deeply moving art that folds back into the community and the lives of both the participants and the audience. The community cast will dare to cross visible and invisible chasms, safely and with self-confidence. They will take turns in each other’s spaces, learn to lead and learn to follow as they play, dance and sing together. As they create the show, they will see (and help us see) the possibilities for change!

The audience will be exposed to a multi-disciplinary feast as the show will include video art as set design, live music, dance, theater, and original lighting and costume design.

"Stardust and Water" show will be performed for the entire Boulder community over three evenings in April.