Staging The New World Drama: And Crown Thy Good with Sister- and Brotherhood

by Stuart-Sinclair Weeks


Why is this project significant? Why now? The world cries out for healing. This is a cry no less/above all to artists of all disciplines and stripes. For all the arts arrive at their crescendo, culmination, their finale, we suggest, in the Social Art.

The Social Art has been the dawning, inspiring and aspiring impulse behind the pageants, masques, and community dramas of the ages. These dramas are universal. That is, they are common to ALL peoples — white, black, brown, yellow, red; they are an enduring expression of our human "Genius," witness to the holy flame of the heart. The New World Drama: And Crown Thy Good with Sister- and Brotherhood would bring this promise of community drama to its fulfillment in our time. We invite fellow aritsts from across our nation to join arms, hearts, and minds, working together to set the stage for the creation of a scene for the New World Drama in your communities.   The scenes for "The New World Drama" are drawn from either your community's past, that is from memorable lessons learned over its history; from engaging present concerns that your community faces; or from creatively/artistically taking up anticipated (future) issues: problems-challenges-opportunities.

The participating communities will be announced on Independence Day, July 4th, 2018 in Concord/Musketaquid, Massachusetts, the land of Waban and the spirited "Praying Indians"; America's first non-native, inland community; the crucible of our American Revolution — where the "shot was fired heard 'round the world" — and the home of some of America's most celebrated authors: Emerson, Thoreau, the Alcotts, Hawthorne and our Joan of Arc, Margaret Fuller.

Together in communities across our land, we look forward to lifting the curtains for The New World Drama: And Crown Thy Good with Sister- and Brotherhood.... from sea to shining sea. A warm welcome to lend a hand. A further glimpse is at:

We are raising a total of $26,370.00 to stage scenes of the New World Drama in these communities — a project that would awaken ever and anew, the promise of sister and brotherhood, the aspiration for a truly united states. Costs we seek to cover include materials, travel/lodging, artist honorariums, meals, and administrative support as outlined below: 

Materials/supplies: $750Travel/Lodging: $3800Artist Honorarium(s): $12000Administrative Fee: $9500Meals: $320Total: $26,370

A warm welcome to lend a hand, friends, as your fortunes allow/as the spirit moves you!