by Erica Rebollar


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“A fluid dancer whose choreography tends towards the specific…Erica Rebollar has been one of the most intriguing additions to the city’s dance scene.”

     - Amanda Abrams, City Paper’s Fall Arts Guide 

“Choreographer Erica Rebollar creates masterful pieces of work.”

       - DC Metro Theater Arts, Amanda Gunther


In collaboration with Cultural DC and CityDance, my company Rebollar Dance begin our season by presenting a full evening premiere in collaboration with sound, videography, lighting, and set design. With the founding of Rebollar Dance in 2003, I created a modern dance collaborative where multi-genre artists can make innovative work. We collaboratively create and present unique, cutting edge choreography that engages diverse audiences and holds a strong presence in the arts community. With bodies, light and sound as conceptual canvasses, works evoke authentic, highly charged experiences for both dancers and audience, creating a visceral reaction to the resilient human body.

Space Junk is a dance premiere that explores outer and inner realms: the objective realities of our outer universe compared with the inner workings of the subjective mind.  Using both intricate movement and experimental scores, Space Junk highlights the dialogue of the body as it negotiates subjective and objective worlds, featuring dancers Heather Doyle, Nate Bond, Yoko Feinman, Kjerstin Lysne, Amber-Jean Tietgens, sound composer Charlie Campagna, set/lighting designer Ben Levine and video artist David Dowling. 

Dancers shift states of perception to examine the irregularities and dichotomies of the mind while exploring the vast, suspended time of outer space.  Experiencing the body as a conscious machine with dual realities, Space Junk will highlight our “contemporary, precise style” (Amanda Abrams, City Paper) to illustrate mechanical workings as both a spatial and sentient entity. Space Junk includes structured movement improvisations as well as experimentation with light and sound, featuring an original score based on industrial, motorized sounds and unusual use of light and projection.  As “space junk” is astronomy’s definition of orbital debris created by humans, we use this term as a metaphor for the rubble that lives and dies within our minds as past experiences, outdated ideas and misfired thoughts.   

We are in need of the minimum fundraising goal as a lifeline to this important project, critical to afford the contribution of professional artists and costs.  A minimum fundraising goal would afford lighting and costume design fees, set/prop purchases, lighting rentals, and publicity. In the event of reaching the maximum goal, Rebollar Dance would then be able to fully fund 6 dancers, composer, videographer, and technical assistant. The dancers have been hard at work 6 hours a week, every week since July. Their dedication and hard work deserve fees that reflect their professional skills.  With a grateful contribution to Space Junk, even a $50 donation would fund 1 dancer’s costume! Rebollar Dance gratefully thanks all donors for their support, as even a few dollars contributes greatly to the life of art and artists. We are sincerely in hope of continuing the art of modern dance, and rely gratefully on donor support. Thank you! 

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