Solving the Inequality

by Jameel Pugh


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Solving The Inequality illustrates the extraordinary impact that California Teacher of the Year recipient, Dr. Kadhir Rajagopal, is having in the classroom. This story offers practical steps to translate hope into action for changing the lives of students and improving the trajectory of urban public schools.

“I am launching a revolution to transform my urban school into a college-going powerhouse,” said Dr. Rajagopal.

Specific focus is given to the CREATE Academy, which enrolls three hundred 9th and 10th grade students who have had a history of severe academic failure. Designed around the goal of uplifting the most at-risk students at Grant High School, the CREATE Academy strives to place as many students as possible in a four-year college setting.

Upon entering high school in August 2011, the average GPA of the 9th grade students was only a 0.6.  But after just nine months, the average GPA of those students rose to 2.5. Moreover, 40% of the three hundred students reached a GPA of 3.0 or higher. 

This documentary also extends beyond the classroom , this film provides insights that can be utilized and replicated around the country. By drawing on the experiences of the CREATE Academy, others can learn how to draw on great teachers and implement a system of accountability that supports teachers and students in reaching high expectations.

Xpose The Gap needs your support to produce this film, as our goal is to reach teachers across the country so they can replicate this model and increase student achievement among other at-risk students. 

As a graduate of this high school and an achievement gap overcomer I am producing this film because I want to contribute to a solution that could help other students have better academic outcomes. It's critical that we produce this film now to get the word out to teachers and school administrators that we don't have to settle for poor academic performance anymore! 
We need your support to complete this film, the funds raised will go towards editing, music scoring, animation and follow up interviews.