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  • Posted April 01, 2014
    Dear Donors to Sojourn EMPATHIES ,

    By now you may have guessed the outcome of the art project SOJOURN EMPATHIES. Because we did not make our Hatchfund goal of $2,500.00 in donations for this project, our amount will not be received for the project. All of the days for donating are over, and I just could not generate enough donations to make my goal. I am so sorry and still, I want to thank you so much for your donation to this worthy cause.

    You will be receiving your perks by Internet or my mail, regardless of the fact that the project did not come through. These will be coming to you in a very short while.

    I have also decided to send all donors who donated $100.00 a small painting of mine to show my immense gratitude.

    Again, thank you so much for your generous donation and I am most sorry for the project not coming to fruition.

    Please email me if you have any questions or concerns about SOJOURN EMPATHIES. I would love to hear your ideas and will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability.

    Thanks again.


    Jan Kirstein
  • Posted March 10, 2014
    Thank you thank you Mother for your generous donation this week. I surely am so thankful for your generosity for this art project to raise awareness of the problems of those who have lost loved ones and homes in war torn countries.

    Pictured with Mother is my beautiful niece.

    To see the project or to donate, please go to this link.
  • Posted March 03, 2014
    Author: Jan Kirstein
    This post is to alert all you art lovers and life lovers in general:

    The hosting organization of HATCHFUND has so graciously agreed to extend the deadline for SOJOURN EMPATHIES to March 28 , 2014. Here's the deal: If someone donates $250.00, this will place the illustrious project SOJOURN EMPATHIES In a position to receive matching funds. So let's get to it! Everybody, let's do it to it!

    Please alert anyone you think might be willing to donate. All we need is one big donation here, ladies and gentleman.

    And to show my confidence in the gifts I KNOW ARE ON THE WAY . I have started the paintings promised in my project. The photos you see are painted thumbnails of the healing energy I am sending out to the world to make this very important project transpire!

    I have started the paintings, the healing energy. Add your healing energy to the donations and make this a great benefit to all who suffer from loss of homes or loved ones due to the tragedy of war.

    I am adding additional perks of limited edition prints from my "Healing Energy" series of painted collages I am currently making and are shown here.
  • Posted January 24, 2014
    I would like to express my gratitude to the generous donors of my art project “SOJOURN EMPATHIES.” I have named these brave souls who have “taken the plunge into Lake Michigan,” to support my creation of 4 large paintings. The purpose of these works of art are to raise awareness of people who have lost homes and loved ones in war torn countries.

    And the name of these initial donors are: (drum roll please)


    And here they are:

    Donor number Uno is my former student Abby Lane. Donor two is Ada Asenjo. Donor three is Johanna Bos. Donor four is Conrad Ptrssma, and is currently not pictured as I have not yet located a photo of him, and finally donor number five is Jan Arnow.

    Many many thanks to these heroic initiators of “SOJOURN EMPATHIES.” No movement forward could happen without these earth angels’ contributions.
  • Posted January 24, 2014
    Hi Everyone who is a Sojourn Empathizer!

    I just wanted to share with you this latest update I have received from HATCHFUND about the fundraising for my art project SOJOURN EMPATHIES.

    ***Quick translation: IF SOJOURN EMPATHIES can raise $250.00 this weekend, all monies DONATED will be DOUBLED! ****

    Yes, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! Your donation could have the power to double the entire amount of funding received for E.S. You, yes YOU could make a DOUBLE DIFFERENCE.

    Because we have been able to raise so much so far on this project, we are just a hairline from being able to have our money DOUBLED.

    To show my eager anticipation of your infinitely increasingly significant donation, I have attached a photo of me eagerly awaiting your significant decision to take action.

    Here's the note I received from HATCHFUND this morning:

    "...Just want to remind you that there is 1 week remaining of the increased match funds from the Hatchfund Open Match Fund. This is up to $500 in match funds for projects between 15%-50% of their minimum goal.

    You are currently $225 away from being eligible! Use the weekend to push towards getting to the 15% mark so all of your donations coming in after that will be doubled."

    For more information about the Hatchfund Open Match Fund please visit:

    So please head on over to SOJOURN EMPATHIES and make your donation now. Make the photo below really happen!

    And now, of course, I am attaching a photo of the glee I will feel from your most significant donation.

    Thanks EVER SO MUCH!


    Jan Kirstein
  • Posted January 21, 2014
    I just created "Can You Hear Them Crying?" on Flowboard for iPad. You can check it out here!!
  • Posted January 20, 2014

    I wanted to send my most profound thanks to Ada Asenjo and Johanna Bos for being two of the very first donors for my project SOJOURN EMPATHIES. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have the honor of your support. I will keep you updated on the latest news on this project, and I also invite you to check back frequently with the site on HATCHFUND.

    Many blessings to these women who are now considered by me to be both geniuses and saints! That goes for you too, Abby Lane, my very first donor. Thanks again,

    Jan Kirstein
  • Posted January 20, 2014

    This note is to update you on the project Sojourn EMPATHIES.

    Big News: Abby Lane has taken the first leap of faith on this worthy project by becoming our very first contributor.

    Thank you, thank you to Abby Lane for her most generous donation to the art project "SOJOURN EMPATHIES."
    She is the first to donate to this project. Thank you so much, Abby for your generosity. She is a former student of mine at Western Hills High School in Frankfort, Kentucky and even then was always one of the first to make the right move! Because she has taken a step where no one else has had the courage to go, she could rise to the ranks of Rosa Parks, the young girl who had the courage to stand up on a bus so many years ago. Somewhat different cause, same courage!

    I'm sure others will join in now and contribute to SOJOURN EMPATHIES. It's like a cold summer day on Lake Michigan. At first, NO ONE will go in the water. Then when one BRAVE SOUL goes in, a few follow. And before you know it, you'll have a whole group of brave souls. So come on in brave souls! The water's not so cold after all!

    Take just the cost of one Starbucks coffee, or one Diet Coke, and send that amount to help with this project.

    Imagine yourself taking the leap into Lake Michigan today. Are you that brave?

    Help raise awareness of the plight of refugees from war torn countries by contributing to this art project now. Come on you all. Jump on in. The water's not that cold!

    Thanks so much for putting your helpful heart into this worthy endeavor.


    Jan Kirstein
  • Posted January 19, 2014
    Yes, thanks to Abby Lane for her most generous donation. She is the first to donate to this project. Thank you thank you Abby for your generosity. I'm sure others will join in now. It's like a cold summer day on Lake Michigan. At first, NO ONE will go in the water. Then when one goes in, a few follow. And before you know it, you'll have a whole group of brave souls. So come on in brave souls! The water's not so cold after all!
  • Posted January 06, 2014
    Today I am working on Coordinating with Organizations sharing my goals of raising awareness of the needs of children in war torn countries starting with UNICEF and it's connected organizations. Check out my latest blog post to see the details at

    Thanks to UNICEF WEBSITE for accompanying photo: www.UNICEF.ORG
    • March 08, 2014 Betsy Grimes Community Member

      Jan, this is wonderful. Will forward link to my niece in CA, a sophomore at Santa Clara. ( Kathie's 2nd daughter, my namesake, an artist in her own right, and vigorously passionate about fighting human traffiking. Your two issues overlap well, I think. She has a little website thru Zazzle where she sells her art to donate $ to The International Justice Mission. Link is www, I think a couple of her pieces will really speak to you. And yours to her. Love, Betsy. ps niece is Elizabeth Sherwin