• Posted September 06, 2012
    I hope everyone had a great Labour Day wknd~

    Some major updates: So the Arrow Flies (theater) is invited by South Korean government's Arts Council (their NEA) in Oct.! I am to give a symposium, 3 day workshop and performance- such an honor! If you are in Korea the second week of Oct. plz email me directly to threeheartsproductions@gmail.com so I can personally invite you to the performance and events ( I do not have all the details at this time) This will only help me with my film project and I hope to find some producing partners in Korea as well. We are in the midst of translating the entire play as it will be performed in English with Korean subtitles with possible publishing.

    We have scouted the Electric Lodge in Venice as potential filming location. A traditional sound stage seems to be much more expensive than a theater stage. Please let me know if you have any bad ass Director of Photography that would be a good fit with our project that you'd like to recommend.

    Excitedly, Esther
  • Posted August 24, 2012
    Hi everyone!

    So...close to reaching my 25 % goal which will enable me to access the matching fund pot! That means if you donate $25 USA Project will match it and you receive the $50 perk level and I receive $50 from the $25 donation.

    I just set up a 3 Hearts Productions specific bank account (indeed, being fiscally responsible) today.

    Also I had some questions from my donors "What happens to my donation if a project doesn't reach its goal with USA Project?" Please review the following from their website (I'm working hard so this doesn't happen):

    When a donor supports a project, they are asked to select how their donation will be allocated in the event that said project does not successfully fund. This selection occurs in the second step of the donation process. The options for donors are as follows:

    1. Redirect donation into a Match Fund to help all artists in USA Projects.

    2. Refund donation in full.

    If an option is not selected, the donation will support all artists on USA Projects through an established Match Fund. Donations will be processed within 10 business days of the project deadline.

    * Less than 5% of all donations are made to unsuccessful projects.

    (not sure what the last part means, will find out folks)

    Warmly from Santa Monica office
  • Posted August 17, 2012
    Wow, I do feel very loved and supported, consistently. We have been getting a steady flow of donations and now very close to our first 25% mark which is when the USA Project internal matching fund kicks in to accelerate the movement! This week I had a creative breakthrough of how to portray the the different 4 characters for film that will be different from the stage. Would like to share this inspiration piece with you this week: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x962d7_amelia-la-la-la-human-steps_creation

    Much heart to you all~ Esther
  • Posted August 09, 2012
    Dear friends, we just launched our first fundraising project - I am very excited to report we are at 13% of our goal (almost $2000) in the first 2 weeks! Thank you to those who donated to the goal of turning my solo performance So the Arrow Flies into a full length film. You can see here a photo of our USA Project video shoot (me) and also of our location scouting (Woon-ki & Esther Im). Our team is busy checking out places of what would be most appropriate- sound stage? traditional theater? More updates to come, thanks for sharing. xx Esther

Film adaptation of solo performance "So the Arrow Flies," about a North Korean spy and the FBI agent who hunts her down.