So the Arrow Flies: The Film

by Esther K. Chae


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So the Arrow Flies is the film adaptation of my solo theater performance of the same title. I originally created the piece in response to the terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001; since then, it has evolved into a full-length solo performance which I have showcased around the United States and abroad.

So the Arrow Flies is a one-woman show about the intersecting lives of four women: Catherine, an exiled North Korean suspected of being a treasonous double agent against the United States; Agent Park, the Korean American FBI who discovers and exposes Catherine's espionage scheme; Mrs. Park, the elderly first-generation mother of Agent Park; and Mina, the 12 year-old half-Asian half-Caucasian daughter of Catherine. The performance takes the audience through Agent Park's interrogation of Catherine and the detention of daughter Mina; all the while Mrs. Park serves as the narrator, sharing her insight and experiences as a survivor of the Korean War. Through this story, the characters explore a breadth of topics including conflicting political ideologies, immigrant and Asian American identities, loyalty, hubris, and most importantly, love for one's family.

I strongly believe in the immediacy and importance of the themes presented in my play and want to broaden its reach to a wider and uncharted audience. Today, incredible technology enables us to reach global audiences in unprecedented ways. A film version of this play would enable the show to be seen without being limited by financial, linguistic, and physical dimensions. So the Arrow Flies will be a trans-media project and experimental film using recordings of live performance, archival footage, and documentary-style visual storytelling.

This project will be broken down into three phases: preproduction, production and shooting of the performance, and postproduction. Preproduction activities include the hiring of a creative team (director, producer, director of photography) and technical crew (cameraperson, sound, lighting), acquisition of cameras and sound equipment and rental space, and processing licenses and contracts. Also key to this phase would be the finalization of the shooting script and creation of a storyboard. Once preproduction activities have been completed, several performances of So the Arrow Flies will be filmed over the period of 1-2 days. Then we will go straight into postproduction activities, which will include the editing, marketing, and distribution of the film in both hardcopy DVD form and on-line downloading.

Funding through USA Projects would finance the three phases outlined above for the production of this film endeavor; I have calculated a minimum of  $12,000 to cover the costs of this project from start to finished film. This does not include USA Projects’ 19% commission of raised funds; therefore the total amount needed is $14,280.  Also distribution, screening, and booking efforts (Phase Two) are needed once the film is finished, Phase Two is not included in the above minimum. Raised funds would be specifically used for the hiring of the creative/technical team and for the acquisition of a rental space, licensing fees, and audio/visual equipment.

Thank you for all your generous support!

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