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This project was successfully funded on January 15, 2013

Snow Angel

by Natalie Twigg


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Snow Angel is a global peace endeavor. It connects children internationally through music.

I am making aninternational and collaborative soundtrack for "Snow Angel" the animated movie. We are excited to have already started our musical visits to the 15 nations and cultures already involved.

Snow Angel is a 50 minute musical work that combines my original music and story with culturally beloved songs, music and poems familiar to children throughout the world. It is written for children's choir, narrator and my world/jazz fusion ensemble. Our premier performance was filmed as a musical greeting from American children to others around the globe.

In each country we record the children singing 2 songs:

One is a song unique and beloved by that specific country song, second the theme song from “Snow Angel" which once we have all of the children's voices recorded we shall digitally combine them so they shall sing "all together".

There are 14 countries already involved, the remaining 15th country being Jordan. This shall be our last country to visit as we plan to perform a live performance of Snow Angel with children represented from every country with the animated movie projected as a backdrop.

The children from Holywell Primary School in England have already recorded the "Theme from Snow Angel" and  are now ready to record their country's Snow Angel song, "Holly Red".

The funds raised will enable this recording to happen:6 musicians fees for backing tracks, U.K and U.S sound engineers fees, travel allowance, webmaster fees for Snow Angel project updates on the Snow Angel webpage (an important feature for the project). It enables the children to see video clips of themselves and other children and to add their own artwork and other contributions to this project.

All additionalfunds raised over our goal will go towards, a modest artist fee, recording engineers, musicians backing tracks, travel, as we record the children in our other Snow Angel countries.

This timing ofSnow Angel seems perfect. I think it will help bring a positive presence ofpeace and friendship into this world. I know that Snow Angel is already making differences in children's lives.

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