Smart Cookies with Jenni Tooley

by Jenni Tooley


“Smart Cookies with Jenni Tooley" is a 15-minute documentary series in which actor/filmmaker Jenni Tooley interviews local female artists at a variety of Dallas venues.  As a mid-career professional artist herself, Jenni is always interested in how other artists balance their personal, business, and artistic lives and loves to talk with other women about their experiences in various creative industries.  Artists will be chosen across disciplines, age ranges, and cultural backgrounds.  Some may just be starting out, others mid-career, others at the end of their career.  Some may make a living solely as an artist while others carry it on as a side project to their career or family.  

Our goals include:

- educating people about what it is like to be a working artist

- providing access to mentors

- supporting the work of local artists

- providing accessible programming free to anyone/anywhere

- showcasing Dallas Cultural venues and other cool places in the city

Since returning to Dallas, Ms Tooley has been talking to other people in the non profit world about the fact that we need to advocate for our local artists and put together an interview series. At the time there was no one who wanted to take on producing the idea.  During an audition day for Jenni Tooley’s film STUCK, Jenni and local actor Joanna Schellenberg had some down time and sat down for a chat in front of the camera.  The conversation centered around the film that Jenni was directing and Joanna was starring in as well as what it is like to be an aging ingenue and what we do to balance our careers and personal lives.  A bowl of cookies happened to be nearby.  Thus was born “Smart Cookies with Jenni Tooley”.   After much consideration, Ms Tooley decided that the quality of the series needed to reflect the quality of art and life we have here in Dallas so she chose not to go the “shoot it on your iPhone and post it” route, but rather engage a local production team to create a stunning and beautiful but content rich work.

Working from a seed budget the series will start out with six interviews shot on location with a three camera set-up.  Our first batch of artists and locations include:

Vicki Meek at South Dallas Cultural Center Holly Peyton(LEV) at Deep Ellum Art Co Anastasia Munoz at Arts Mission Oak Cliff Stormi Demerson at Samuell Grand Amphitheatre Karissa Leicht at The Wilson Building Marianne Gargour at Dallas Creative Space(Continental Gin Building)

We will create a Smart Cookies Channel where the videos will be posted and available for embedding by any organization, location, artist or supporter who is interested in showcasing these wonderful ladies and this vibrant city.  

Admin/Production team includes:  Jenni Tooley, Director/Producer; Alicia Pascual, Co-Producer; Laurel Hoitsma, Consulting Producer.  Bruce Richardson,Director of Photography; Kayla Combs, Make-Up Artist.  


The Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs has granted Jenni an Indivual Special Support grant to put toward filming the first six episodes and private individuals assisted us in moving into production.

OCA Special Support Grant 6000
Individual Support 1436

As you can see by the following Expense Budget we need to raise an additional $6,000 to complete the series.

Graphic Design 250
Hatchfund Incentives 300
Promo Make-up 50
Grant Writer/Crowdfunding/Marketing 250
Producer 1000
Crew 5100
Catering & Craft Sevices 275
Cookie Ingredients 58
Insurance 510
Permits 50
Equipment 458
Interview Subject Gifts 187
Misc 48
Producer 750
Editor 750
Sound Mixer 500
Colorist 500
Music 250
Producer 750
FB ads 50
Band/venue for premier party 300
5% Contingency 500
Social Media Manager 550

Thank you for your consideration!