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This project was successfully funded on January 1, 2018

Sins and Sorrows

by Emily Halpern




I am in the process of developing a new body of work for a group show at a gallery called LAArtCore,in Los Angeles March 1st-22nd, 2018. The seven deadly sins, as described in the Bible, provide the beginning of my exploration of the sins we commit and the impact of sins that are perpetrated upon us by others.

This new work is exciting for me on several levels. First, this is the first time my work will be overtly political and will converge age old human struggles with contemporary events during this difficult time in the United States.

Second, this show is exciting to me because I am an artist who has focused primarily on painting. As a painter, I have mined images from my unconscious and allowed flexibility in the conception of my work as the painting grows and changes. However, this project will involve materials that I have not used before in art: photography, found, purchased and constructed objects.

Third, this project is unique for me in that my hand will not be involved in much of the construction.  Instead, I will visualize each piece in its entirety ahead of production and hire others to create the work. Some of my pieces will be kinetic and require an understanding of both mechanics, welding and carpentry. Others will require an understanding of sewing, fabric printing and tailoring. 

My vision is ambitious and the show has a tight timeline, but I am organized and have assembled a team of people to assist and collaborate with me.  My goal is to have about fifteen pieces in total for the March show.  I have completed several already while ten are on standby or are percolating in my mind.

An artist needs four things: dedication to the discipline, a means of support, space to work, and an audience.  I am very driven and can attest to having three out of four things I need- but I still require assistance. The costs involved in the show are daunting. A variety of materials will need to be purchased but the bulk of the pay will be for the people involved who I must hire to make each piece and to transport and install the work.  Additionally, it is also time that I replace one of my most valuable tools- my computer.

I am seeking a minimum of 12,500 dollars to produce this body of work to be made over the next three months. In the event that I receive donations in excess of my goal, I will use the additional funds to continue new work and for the promotion of other exhibitions.  By becoming a patron of the work, you will help new works come into fruition. Thank you for considering me. I'm looking forward to sharing images of new pieces.