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This project was successfully funded on July 10, 2018

Singularity 2018

by Rebekah Waites


Singularity is my second large scale interactive art piece that made its debut at the All Of Us Event this May and is headed to Burning Man the end of August! My first installation art piece Church Trap was a huge success on the playa in 2013. I am honored to have received another generous honorarium grant from the Burning Man Organization for Singularity. This is a huge opportunity for myself and my crew and we can’t wait to build it for the participants of Black Rock City.  

 For the last 2 years my team and I have continued working on Singularity. Thanks to Singularity being invited to exhibit at All Of Us, were able to build the inside of Singularity - all the houses and cages that go inside! Thanks to All Of Us and to all the donors who have contributed to Singularity so far, we were able to successfully complete Phase 1 of our build!  


 What is Singularity? Singularity is an interactive art piece that combines physics and psychology. It explores how traumatic events can create mental cages. Using symbolism of the birdcage and house, this piece creates a space for participants to explore and interact. Much like the infamous Russian dolls, the entirety of this piece will include multiple layers of various sized bird cages and houses. Each layer represents a memory of a memory. The details tell a story that changes as the piece breaks down in size. How far down the rabbit hole can we go? 


Currently we are in production with Phase 2 which is the large 35’ birdcage with the 2 story house.  Besides the large outer structures we are building, Phase 2 also includes the 5” Singularity that will ultimately go inside the smallest house. This 5” version of Singularity is the smallest structure.    

Thanks to the generous donations we have received so far, we were able to successfully build and bring Singularity to the All Of Us Event last May. But in order for us to bring Singularity to Burning Man this year we need your help. Even though we received a generous Honorarium Grant from the Burning Man Organization, we have a long way to go and we can’t get there without you! In order for us to successfully complete Phase 2, we need to raise an additional $20,000. Donations raised will help help fund materials for electrical/sound, transportation, as well as feeding our hardworking crew while on playa.  All donations are tax deductible AND we have some exciting perks to give away! Depending on your donation level you can be the proud owner of a Singularity Charm necklace, T Shirts, Hoodies, hats and even original artwork!  Thank you for taking the time to check out our campaign profile and making a tax deductible donation! We hope you enjoyed learning about Singularity and we look forward to bringing our creation to life for you all to enjoy!


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