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This project was successfully funded on November 8, 2017

Silencing the Tides

by Olive Prince


My name is Olive Prince and I am the artistic director of Olive Prince Dance (OPD). As a project based dance company our mission is to create compelling, physically stimulating and thematically suggestive dance works. I'm on an artistic collaborative journey with Visual Artist and Creative Arts Therapist Carrie Powell. We are working to create new modalities for making dance and visual art that speak to the human experience.  

Together, we have been working on "Silencing the Tides" for over a year with very long pauses in the process where myself and two other company members had babies. The newness of life has been the backdrop of this experience. "Silencing the Tides" is a dance and sculpture experience that submerges the audience in close proximity to the cast.  The movement is a charged, physical force of falling down, picking up, and laying yourself bare.  You feel what it is like to stand up and go against the tide. The sculpture hangs above the dance creating a unique environment where dancers take themselves on a journey of cycles, fighting up and fighting out, and being a reflective pool of pinned down piles.  In a mesmerizing, distorted reality, women become the sea as they anchor to what is known.  It is an evolution of becoming with no end in site.  "Silencing the Tides" will premier in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival for only 35 audience members per show.  

We have already secured funding to produce the work, but we need your support to help pay the artists who have spent countless hours in the process (dancers, visual artists, videographers).  Your donations will go directly to supporting an amazing group of dancers and visual/design artists.  If we exceed our goal the money will help us throughout the 2017 season. OPD has been selected to perform in NYC Triskelion Arts Split Bill Series and will be seeking a larger venue to reconstruct "Silencing the Tides" in its full iteration.  

Art has always been an important part of our society.  It is a language that has value and is needed right now.  Maybe you are used to donating to large art organizations. I am asking you to be a part of an organization that is in its seedling years. We are becoming. And we hope you will help us bring dance, visual art and the collaborative process into reality.