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This project was successfully funded on May 9, 2018

Short Horror Film Date From Hell

by Ven Scott


Before she passed away many years ago, my mother asked that I promise her something; I should either pursue my degree or chase my dreams.  Now that I have this expensive degree with which  I am doing absolutely nothing! Thus,  I have decided to pursue the latter half of my promise. 

"Date From Hell" is my directorial debut and the first milestone on a journey on which I set myself when I was a teenager. I loved binge watching horror when I was focused, so to horror I return!

I knew I wanted to work with Jason Znetner to build the creature effects as he and I had worked together on my band's music video, RUNESCARRED, which I co-produced. Zetner, in turn, introduced me to Brandon Torres who worked on films such as KILL OR BE KILLED (Greeks Productions) and FLAY (Pham Factory) with A. Michael Baldwin (the PHANTASM films).  Topping off the team is fellow Llano resident and screenwriting/producing veteran Tracee Beebe whose films include DOG YEARS (Acorn 2 Oak Productions) and NO MORE RUNNING (Have Not Films).

And fret not - this is a horror flick so you will be financing plenty of gore. Check out some of  the past work from our SFX (Slaughter Effects) Lead, Jason Zentner!


Of course you can't have that cool/creepy factor without righteous locations to shoot!

What You will NOT Be Funding

By funding this project, you are not funding a one-off. You will not be giving money to a production team who has no idea what is required of our blood, of our sweat and our tears. You will not be  purchasing a piece of art that is half-assed.  As grandiose as it may seem, I don't dream small, so I have no qualms in saying with finality; you will, most of all, be funding the seeds of a legacy.

There are several ways to skin a cat, but I could never bring myself to do that so I started pursuing film-making instead! I have already invested $5,000 that has gone to special effects, creature design, and permits to name a few.  We need your help to fill the final production budget so we can share this story in the manner it should be presented!

Ven, What Do You Need to Build This Cult Classic?

The City of Llano has some killer buildings - pun totally intended - to which we are graciously being granted access! That leaves us in need of a quality camera, quality lighting (this is horror so it mostly takes place at night) and quality sound. Of course, we need everything in between, but these are the cornerstones of the production. With all of that in mind, below are some production needs:

Of course it takes a *killer* team to bring a story together. Meet a few of culprits who are bringing this film to life!

There are many more hands on the deck of this horrific ship and, schedule provided, we will be sharing their story with you as the campaign progresses!

Other Ways You Can Help

What? There is an end to this page? My eyes are too crossed now to enter in any sort of credit card info so I can't give you money (though I really, really, really, really want to)!

Fret not, would-be contributor! You can help just as much by spreading the word. Click those social share icons in upper right of this page, like, comment and share posts from our Facebook Page, Instagram Account and Twitter!

Using your influence and your love of horror movies to spread the word will get us where we need to be. Truly.  Thank you so much for taking the time to get here (by "here", I mean the bottom of the page) and for caring enough to be on Indiegogo and supporting any and all of these worthy projects!

Note: Hatchfund is a non-profit supporting artists. In order to operate they require an additional 10% on top of your donation amount. So $50 will actually cost you $55. BUT the entire $55 or any amount you donate to this project is entirely tax deductible.