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This project was successfully funded on May 6, 2018

SHIFT - NYU Tisch Dance MFA 2 Final Concert

by Rodney Hamilton


When: May 12 2018, 3pm + 7pm

Where: NYU Tisch Dance 111 2nd Avenue, New York, NY, 10003

What: SHIFT, an immersive, multimedia dance experience in collaboration with NYU/ITP.

Short Summary

We are the 2018 graduating class of NYU’s Tisch MFA in Dance Program, and we need your help making our final concert a reality!

As an international group of artists, makers, and movers, we are thrilled for the opportunity to come together one last time in the production of an immersive, multimedia dance experience that will showcase the culmination of our creative work. On May 12, 2018, we will be transforming the Tisch Dance building at 111 2nd Avenue into an interactive exhibit, featuring original choreography by Rodney Hamilton, Lorena Perez Sanchez, Valeria Y. Gonzalez, Aaron Samuel Davis, Tre’mar Baptiste’, Djassi DaCosta Johnson, Yasmin Schönmann, Sierra Stewart, Jasmine Domfort and dance films by Meghann Padgett and Djassi DaCosta Johnson, as well as photography exhibits, virtual reality experiences, and an elevator ride you won’t want to miss (trust us on this one!). Guests will mingle and view work during cocktail hour, after which they will be guided through the hallways, staircases, and studios that will house each exhibit. Then, all will gather in the legendary Jack Crystal Theatre for a performance finale by more of Tisch Dance’s extraordinary talent.

Our vision to unite as a class and to share our art and ideas as a final offering is currently only that: a vision. We need you, our community of family, friends, fellow artists and art enthusiasts, to offer your support in this last gargantuan effort!

What We Need & What You Get

Our goal is to raise enough funds to compensate all who are involved in the production of this show.  These individuals include choreographers, photographers, videographers, dancers, lighting designers, sound operators, ushers, runners, and bartenders.  As working artists, we feel it is crucial to recognize and appropriately compensate all involved, as we understand the amount of time and energy that goes into creating and presenting work. Other expenses include the purchase of promotional material (posters, save-the-dates, t-shirts), as well as refreshments for guests during the cocktail hour.  

As a donor, you are supporting our entire staff of artists, collaborators, and crew, as well as contributing to a free arts event for the community. Again, this is a self-produced program by students, and your invaluable contribution will directly impact the quality of this production.  We are happy to offer perks for all of our donors!

The Impact

This concert will serve as a platform for the presentation of new works created by the graduating masters class of NYU Tisch Dance. The presented works, which range from dance, film, photo exhibits and more, have been carefully crafted to reflect the interests of the graduating artists. These interests range from bodily research to social activism and social justice. All art, and in particular dance, has a responsibility to influence society by changing opinions, instilling values, and translating experiences across space and time. As one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse classes that has ever graduated from NYU Tisch, our aim is to put forth a concert that will reflect the incredible amount of research and exploration we have conducted while in this department, which we hope will in turn cause a shift in conversation, dance-making, and society at large. The goal for our art is to question, challenge, disrupt, and complicate inherited notions of social and cultural hierarchy across the current American landscape.

Other Ways You Can Help

Any contribution matters! If you are not in a position to donate, please consider spreading the word about our show and campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, at church, at work etc.


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