• Posted February 27, 2012
    Things are moving quickly. Cast is rehearsing, music being selected, and bicycle dances choreographed. Excitement builds daily. One of our cast members visited Austin, meeting with a director of Bike Texas. Apparently, Bike Texas is pledging to help promote "She: Bike/Spoke/Love" statewide. So much love is pouring in to help us get this staged in May.
  • Posted March 01, 2011
    I trust that you realize, by now, that I have a poet's love for bicycling, because of the meditative quality of the experience of moving quietly (non-motorized) through urban (and rural) landscapes, allowing my mind to wander and muse.

    I trust that you might also glean that I have less than 12 hours to raise the funds needed to achieve my goal w/ this campaign. Thanks to
    all who know and support--who also value and love poetry, bicycling, artists, and their efforts!

    Now I want to share an excerpt from my original script, from a scene where Esa--my main character--muses about love and trust.

    I want to make peace, not pollution.
    Push pedals, not people.
    Cuz I want to trust these friends,
    I want to trust ‘em
    like I trust this bike wheel to NEVER fall off.
    I’m looking for a space and a place
    where my heart can go deep, yet sometimes
    everyone around me seems clueless, asleep.
    Can’t we create a BIGGER solution?
    Every TIME my wheels turn is One--Solid-Revolution.
    But what this heart asks,
    ONE question I have: “Is love an illusion?”

    Check out the photos (photo credits:
    Christopher Blay and Kat Shimamoto)
    of my lovely original cast members:

  • Posted February 28, 2011
    In the home stretch, in a single-track mind,
    to achieve the funding goal for She:Bike/Spoke/Love!

    This is do-able, reach-able, since pledges will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, by the ARTISTS2ARTISTS matching fund.

    I am so honored that already 54 individual supporters have stepped forward to make a pledge to help assure that SHE: BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE will be presented to audiences in Austin in 2012.

    Every $20 pledge guarantees your name will be added to our website, as a BIG WHEEL (all our funders)! Pledge more, and you get even more perks. I love to give back, and will definitely make sure you get props for your kindness.

    And if you want to play with us in 2012, let's talk about an audition appointment! (We'll also be looking for technical artists, bike tricksters, and new cast members.)

    I love bicycles, bicyclists, and want to bring bicycle theater tothe world! Let's do this together!

    In high gear 'til the end,

  • Posted February 27, 2011
    I'm at 51% of my funding goal, and am so excited!
    With over 40 supporters, I am confident that SHE: BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE will be produced in Austin in 2012--with a leaner script adapted for performances along the hike/bike trail of Town Lake.

    As long as supporters keep generously giving, the project increases in its potential to give to the community.

    And now I offer you a glimpse from the original script, with a poem--my first-ever bicycle poem--simply titled "Bicycle Poem":

    i peddle gently
    across hemphill street,
    organic apple
    clamped by front teeth,
    i see an opening
    for my bike,
    the apple sweet
    on the road to my belly...

    i peddle quietly
    except for the whir of the chain,
    i nod at neighbors
    through the wind,
    and NOT a windshield,
    they wave at me
    in their jackets,
    and cannot believe
    i am not cold.

    no, no,
    i sweat in 3 layers,
    so i become gradually slow
    to a stop,
    remove the top
    and wrap it around my waist,
    there is no clock on my wrist,
    i do not need to move in haste.

    i peddle methodically
    climbing up northside hill,
    knowing soon i'll reach the top,
    to coast towards Hooter's can be
    exhilarating thrill...

    i peddle relaxed,
    pushing pedals, and
    i feel every rock and street crack
    and sometimes plates of metal,
    but this keeps me grounded
    and allows the internal reservoir
    of contentment to bubble up
    and make me feel giddy inside...

    even as rushing drivers defy my silence:
    they think to vanquish me in their
    dusty sad exhaust,
    they’re pushing a little pedal to the floor,
    it's less than 12 inches
    but they act like it's more...
  • Posted February 24, 2011
    The "bicycle fairy" must be doing her thang, because a flurry of pledging activity has started to take place in the past two days. Keep it up!

    [This photo features Dominique, who played the main character "Esa" in the premiere production of She: Bike/Spoke/Love in 2007 in Fort Worth, Texas.]
  • Posted February 23, 2011
    Big news! Because the Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC) in Austin has agreed to sign on as a producer and presenting collaborator on this project, I was able to adjust my overall budget, which led to my lowering my funding goal for this campaign.

    The MACC folks are generously offering rehearsal and performance space at no cost, as well as some storage (for our bikes!), and marketing/promotional services.

    This is a huge boon for the production, and makes me breathe a sigh of contentment (and some relief) knowing that SHE: BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE is already getting such a warm welcome from Austin, Texas--more than 1 year before we even hit the stage!

    Potential funders! You TOO can help me breathe a sigh of contentment and relief if you can help me achieve my (now adjusted) goal in this fund-raising campaign.

    Who is gonna step up and be

    6 Days Left - PLEDGE Now.

    Pedaling to success,

  • Posted February 20, 2011
    With only 10 more days left in this campaign to raise funds, I am so happy to see that 33 different supporters have come through for me, for this worthwhile project that brings:
    bicycling as alternative transportation;
    bicycle-themed poetry;
    choreographed bicycle dance;
    and fresh new Texas voices
    to a live theater audience.

    In 2007, when this project was premiered
    in Fort Worth, my stellar and hard-working
    cast survived the summertime rehearsals
    that had to take place outside
    due to the enormity of the space some
    of our scenes required. Some cast members
    upgraded their bicycles, while others invested in bike racks that would make it easier to transport their bicycles by car. Everyone gave the extra effort to make sure our show could shine to its fullest potential.

    I am so honored that friends and followers are making an extra effort to see that this show sees the stage lights again, this time in the bicycling mecca of Texas: Austin.

    Here's a photo from a summer 2007 rehearsal.

    I'm looking forward to more good times, sweaty rehearsals, pedaling poetry, y mas.

    She: Bike/Spoke/Love in Austin, TX - 2012

    Let's do it!
  • Posted February 11, 2011
    I'm so excited to report that folks at both the MACC (Mexican American Cultural Center) and the City of Austin's Parks & Recreation-Division of Cultural Affairs are VERY enthusiastic about She: Bike/Spoke/Love being produced there in 2012.

    As you can see from this aerial photo of the MACC, it is in a lusciously-opportune location--right on the hike/bike trail of Town Lake, just around the corner from downtown Austin.

    Imagine all the folks we'll be able to draw in to see their first BICYCLE THEATER play! Linda Crockett, director of media marketing and special events at the MACC, has suggested that i include some lowrider bicyclists in my program--and i think that's a great idea. She gave me the name of a locally-popular lowrider bicyclist, and i'm going to contact him about doing a cameo "roll-on" during my show.

    We know that the weather, come Spring 2012, will be optimal for presenting She: Bike/Spoke/Love outdoors for a larger audience.

    Sounds good to me!

    Thanks for your interest and ongoing support.
    Keep the pledges coming in!



She: Bike/Spoke/Love, the first bicycle theater play, will be adapted for performance along Austin's hike and bike trail in 2012.