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This project was successfully funded on August 21, 2018


by Majorelle Arts


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Who we are

Majorelle Arts is an Oakland-based collective of designers, fabricators and dreamers. At our core, we exist to use the process of co-creation to bring people together to share skills, exchange ideas and raise each other up as a broad, knowledgeable, creative community. Our 2018 offering, Scriptorum, gathers more than thirty collaborators contributing to diverse aspects of the sculpture process. 

What we’re building

Scriptorium is a 20 foot long steel chimera, delicately balanced on a single point. Encircled by its pupils, the demigod is a writing teacher and holds a stylus and a flame. Driven by the wind, it moves to draw wide spiral diagrams on the loose desert dust with one hand and raises an ornate lantern to light its work in the other. Its body and head are sleek, curved metal, designed after motifs from The Book of Kells and shapes from calligraphic arts. The creature instructs Burners within the space in using the playa as a canvas for inscribing art and memory.

The full experience

Surrounding the scribe, approximately twenty participants can sit on benches at low writing boxes where they will be provided with tools such as styluses and rakes to imitate the teacher at work. Elegant propane lanterns will light and warm these stations each evening, welcoming people to inspire and be inspired.

What it means

By entering the space, seating themselves, and interacting with the tools before them, participants cast themselves as truth-seekers and scholars before a mythological teacher. This artwork is about dedication and learning, about inscription and erasure. We hope participants walk away from our space reminded to treat desert artworks with respect and see them not as mere objects in a gallery but as opportunities for study and encounter.

 Help us get there!  

Today we’re asking for your contributions to help us bring this beautiful sculpture out to Burning Man 2018. Black Rock City is unique every year because of all the donations like yours to ambitious projects like ours. We look forward to sharing this year’s story with you in the dust!


Print Set

An exquisite set of post card sized images from Burning Man 2018, including our best images of the sculpture on playa and the crew.


This years comemorative steel jewlery, designed by project manager Julia Jerome and lead artist Gray Davidson, incorporates motifs from the sculpture's head and body.


Elegant steel lanterns, similar to those that will light Scriptorium in Black Rock City.  At 12" high, they cast a warm light and are designed to hang or stand  in your space.

Scriptorium Sweatshirt

New Scriptorium swag! These awesome sweatshirts are only available through this years fundraising campaign!

Handcrafted Books

Stunning handcrafted books created and designed by lead artist Gray Davidson.  Each piece takes many hours to make resulting in exquisite, one of a kind masterpieces.

Scriptorium Watercolor

Poster sized prints of the Scriptorium Watercolor, an original piece of artwork created by Gray Davidson and Misha Naiman.