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This project was successfully funded on February 7, 2013


by Turning Around America


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We are going to build a self-sustaining mobile art studio that can be pulled by another vehicle. It is the third project of Turning Around America a/k/a TAA, Sanctuary. The two previous projects, The Mobile Workshop and Guatemala were successful art actions that inform the current project. All of these projects focus on empowering individuals through direct contact. In this way, TAA, Sanctuary, develops and delivers art actions. It is a program employing relational aesthetics.


TAA, Sanctuary is a collaborative effort, and our mission is to empower people, person to person, hand to hand.  We see the value of teaching art in all communities, at a time when so many art and craft programs have been cut. It is important for our individual and collaborative art practice to teach and travel. A mobile unit allows us to reach diverse audience and to experience a larger number of people. TAA, Sanctuary will allow two mobile studios to go on the road, the 3D van renovation we have already accomplished and now, Sanctuary, a 2D mobile art studio, pulled behind.


TAA, Sanctuary is a structure that will be 7 feet tall, 7 feet wide and 16 feet long, built on a pre made steel trailer base with a four-wheel axel. It will contain a composting toilet, solar/thermal electricity, and solar/solid fuel heat. It will be insulated and usable in all climates with an expandable exterior work-and teaching space. It will be a prototype used by Turning Around America for teaching 2D art. The infrastructure can be modified in later versions to adapt to the needs of other artists. An important aspect of this project is developing an affordable and self-sustainable studio for artists. The TAA, Sanctuary research has already begun. The build will start June 1st and will be completed by July 31, 2013. The entire process will be captured and made available through our website and supportive Blog. We also plan on using Facebook to keep friends and supports informed.


We are asking for 30,000 dollars to complete our project.

The funds will be used for research, artists’ stipends and development of sustainable technology, and all the materials necessary to build TAA, Sanctuary. If we are over funded we can engage professionals to help fabricate and develop better sustainable technologies.


We have already accomplished so much:

• Traveled 30,000 miles teaching 3000 individuals how to make an object.

• Reached 7000 people through our web site.

• Taught the villagers of Vera Cruz Guatemala how to use hand tools.


With your help we can accomplish so much more! All donations are tax deductible through United States


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Thank you again; we really appreciate your help.




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    • December 22, 2012 MC Pearson Community Member

      This work is contributes so much to communities, from physical practical applications to the more metaphysical. It spans ages, abilities, geography... and fully embraces each culture. Kudos ladies!!!