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This project was successfully funded on November 4, 2014

Saints Reimagined

by Ray Maseman


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UPDATE: Thanks to the support of our first 38 generous donors, we have surpassed our minimum goal! Saints Re-Imagined is HAPPENING. I already have sketches for several saints and will start prepping plates for etching this week. The support you have all provided is very gratifying and energizing and cannot thank you enough. Not only have we reached the minimum goal, but the project is just a couple hundred dollars away from the full budget.

Meeting or exceeding the $7500 budget allows me to devote all my time over the next few months to re-imagining saints, including sharing ideas back and forth with supporters. If fund-raising for this project goes significantly over $7500, then I'll be able to create additional etchings, beyond the planned 12, and/or start to look at creating a book.

For those who have not yet contributed, a donation by Monday, November 3rd, is a great way to add to your art collection and to be a part of the conversations around this project. The finished etchings, as well as the note cards and calendars, will be available to everyone by this spring, but at higher prices then a donation now.

Thank you very much!

I will create a suite of twelve or more images of saints. These images will be based on the traditional iconography associated with these saints, but with various whimsical twists and reinterpretations. The saint images will invoke religious motifs and themes, but in a non-religious way. The images will be approximately 9” x 12” in size, created in color using multiple etching plates. I will then hand print the images on an intaglio press in editions of twenty-five. The images will also be scanned at high resolution for use in creating postcards, a calendar, and, hopefully, a book of all the images.

This suite will continue my ongoing experiments with non-religious religious art. The pieces will resemble previous works such as my Archangel series of Sts. Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel. The images will in no way be a parody or mockery of religious art, though they will not necessarily be devotional in nature either. Rather they will seek to illuminate underlying ideals and concepts represented by the selected saints.

It is possible that I could complete these etchings on my own, as I did with the four earlier archangel prints. However, the project would then be strung out over a time period that would limit its scope and full development. Your support through Hatchfund will allow me to complete the project in a timely way, allowing more consistency and coherency as well as more in-depth research into the subject matter.

The basic funding will of course cover expenses for paper and etching plates. More importantly, it will provide the time for me to research the various saints and create the images. Additional funds beyond the minimum will allow me to produce additional saint images and/or reproduce all the images into a book.

Your support will make this project possible. In return, you will be able to enjoy one or more of these saints in your own home, either as small prayer card-like reproductions, or—at higher levels of support—the actual finished works of art.

Please choose the level of support that works best for you.

Thank you so much for your help!

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