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This project was successfully funded on July 16, 2018

Saddle Up!

by Yellowstone Burners


Saddle Up! is a collaborative art car project being created by the Yellowstone Burners in Cody, Wyoming. It is based on a 35 foot long school bus with an added upper deck. The vehicle will remain street legal to drive with most modifications of decor being made once it arrives at the event location. It will be close to 30 feet in height at the top of the horn and cantle. The public will be able to climb on board and enter our old western-styled interior, then climb up to our shaded deck area which features The Watering Hole saloon.

The saloon has a trick; we will serve hydration drinks, not alcohol, at public events, free of charge. This will include tasty electrolyte-based lemonades, teas, pickle juice shots, and good ‘ol plain water. There will be places on the deck to sit and relax in the shade of this old west style “saloon”. With our 100 gallon tank, we can serve 800 people with 16oz of water each, before we have to refill. We can serve more than that, however, because we will also have gallons of our pre-made drinks on board.

There will be no charge to enter, and nothing will be for sale; this art car and the experience of being on board are intended to be a gift to the public.

Saddle Up! is meant to honor Wyoming’s rich history of horse and rider, while providing a unique experience to all who climb on board. We plan to bring this art car to Wyoming area events as well as events in our region and to Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada.

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Hatchfund Rocks!

We are absolutely thrilled to be part of Hatchfund! If you are new to this platform, there are a few special benefits that we think you'll like.

1) Your donation to us is TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Yay! When you donate, you will immediately get a receipt for your donation.

2) Hatchfund curates projects here. That means if they didn't think we could pull this off, we wouldn't be allowed to be here.

3) Hatchfund wants the platform to be free for us, the artists. That means they do ask that the donors give an additional 10% to cover their costs. That additional amount is also tax deductible.  So as the artists, we want you to know how much assistance they have given us - and will continue to give us - to help us meet our goal. They work with us one-on-one to make sure we're hitting all the right points and saying all the right things. In all our years of crowdfunding, we've never felt like the platform was also our partner, until now.

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Yellowstone Burners

The Yellowstone Burners are an all-volunteer group based in Cody, Wyoming that exclusively creates collaborative public art. The group is a registered Wyoming nonprofit and is fiscally sponsored by Hatchfund. The group's first project is an art car titled Saddle Up!. The goal is to have it completed in time for Cody's 4th of July celebrations, then bring it to other public events year round, including to Black Rock City, NV in August.

We believe that these kinds of art projects are a way to build local community and make connections with others that can last a lifetime while bringing a little splash of color to our neighborhoods and a smile for our day. In short, we do it because it's fun!

April Jones and Todd Evans are the founders of our group; they have been deeply involved in the Burning Man art community for many years. They helped create the Airpusher art car in 2013 and were on the original leadership team for the Temple of Promise in 2015. Prior to moving to Wyoming, April was co-chair of the East Bay Burner socials and was a year-round volunteer at Burning Man Headquarters as part of the Communications Team. Todd has been part of theme camp Delicioso Creperie for several years and has served as a Black Rock Ranger since 2014. They are thrilled to bring collaborative public art to Cody, Wyoming and to bring a little slice of the wild west to Black Rock City.

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Budget and Funding

We are asking for a minimum of $10,000 through crowdfunding on this platform from our friends and family. We have picked some great perks as "thank you" gifts for your support. One piece of plywood costs close to $25, so please know that every donation level translates to something tangible on our end that we need.

Below is what we estimate it will take to safely build the upper deck, finish out the interior, set up the 100 gallon water tank and pump system, create decor to make it all look like a saddle, serve everyone super tasty hydrating drinks, and get this mobile piece of art to a bunch of great events.

Materials & Supplies: $5400

Perks & Shipping: $2100

Water & Drink Supplies: $2500

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THANK YOU! We are so grateful that you want to experience Saddle Up! with us. Please contact us with any questions.