Sacred Roots; third CD project

by william johnson


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This campaign is for my third CD project that will be titled "Sacred Roots". My second album "Flor de Vida" was a fusion project of Latin Jazz, world, rock, & pop. The new upcoming project "Sacred Roots is a continuation of these elements with an even heavier expression of folk rhythms and traditional cultural styles of music. It has been nearly two years since the last recording and with lots of new material and another spring season upon us it is my desire to produce a new musical expression.  This project is an artistic expression of celebrating life with the percussion driving the songs. Culture, heritage, nationality, etc. are sacred to us. We hold dear the fond memories of our past and present. Our roots impact who we are. I believe that they tell a deeper story however than melodic lines alone. These melodies connect us to a deeper truth; our very root is sacred and therefore if we weed out the bad and keep the true and good then we too and all that is within us is sacred.

Artists included in this project are based in at least three seperate states including guest musicians in two seperate countries. Many of these musicians are Grammy award winning artists and well respected in their field. I have desired to compose a project that builds a bridge of continued reconciliation and deepens multi-cultural relationships through music. For instance one of the songs is a fusion of bluegrass, and Afro-Latino percussion. The congas are my main percussive instrument and drive a majority of this project. While there are tracks with lyrics at least half of the project is instrumental.

This June I will be tracking all of the percussion in Raleigh NC, at Pure mix Studios. From there I will be working with the other artists (piano, violin, drums, guitar, flute, saxaphone, trumpet, etc.) in their respective studios. With the help of digital technology the majority of the artists will share on this project between several differrent states and countries. All of the mixing will also be done at Pure Mix Studios and later mastered at GAT3 Studio in Charlotte, NC. The artwork will be worked on while finishing the mixing and mastering and completed by an excellent team of designers.

All of this can not be done without help however and in order to complete this project I am looking to successfully reach a goal of $6,000.00. These funds will help to supplement previously budgeted funds in order to help complete the project. The minimum goal will help me to pay for the musicians recording on this project and the studio time necessary to record in North Carolina, Los Angeles, Florida, Tennessee, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and Ireland. It will also help fund the artwork (photography, & graphic design), and duplication of the physical discs. If this project is overfunded however it will allow me to spend more time in the studio, mixing & mastering with the amazing musicians that will be recording on the project. It would also help to produce a better music video for the project and marketing campaign. Having a professional publicist is a huge benefit to any marketing campaign, especially for an independant artist. 

It is humbling to set off on a voyage of reaching out to attain help on any project. I am greatly honored by your support. My prayer is you will consider helping me to press forward in continuing to produce music such as "Sacred Roots". I believe we all have a stake in helping to make the world a better place not only for us, but for future generations. Making music that celebrates life and touches the heart is just one way God has given me to play such a role. Thank you for your support and I hope to hear from you!


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