Road Kill Zoo

by Bradley Beesley


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Road Kill Zoo is a short film written and directed by Bradley Beesley and produced by Michael L. Friedman. It is the first of Beesley’s scripted narratives following a long string of documentary features and shorts.

If we reach our minimum goal of $7,500, production on the short will begin early next year. The money raised through USA Projects will allow us to hire the cast and crew for the shoot as well as pay for the necessary production expenses like rental equipment and insurance. If we are fortunate enough to exceed our minimum, the additional funds will be used to continue shooting scenes from the script.

Road Kill Zoo is a southern tale of death, hardship and strange romance turned road adventure. Because of a tragic accident, 17 year-old Byron and Abbey-Bell, his eccentric younger sister, are forced to travel cross-country searching and scheming. They venture from town to town, meeting freaks, frauds and faith healers. With no resources, they must  rely on what they know – conning folks with their small time scams. As they traverse westward out of the southern gothic landscape, Byron and Abbey-Bell's worlds are expanded in ways unique to each of them. They unexpectedly reach new and shared levels of understanding of the heavily flawed grown-ups they left behind.


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