REMEMBERED DREAMS, a series of oil paintings and a community mask workshop

by Eva Montealegre


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The REMEMBERED DREAMS SERIES has multi-cultural appeal. I have been painting along these lines for years and have sold my work with success and have won recognition and honors as an artist. A background in film informs me, having written the proposal, researched, produced and directed 80 PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS on American History for the ARMED FORCES RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICES.  We had a mere 50 seconds to create an ambience, to capture a moment in time. It made me a disciplined story teller.  The series was a big success and a favorite among the troops.

I have been awarded an artist residency that allows me to have a farmhouse to myself for a month which is near Thenon, about 15 minutes from ancient cave drawings. Originally I had to pay for housing but I have managed to negotiate a situation where I will be the caretaker at the property for that time while the owner goes to Spain to teach. I will only have to pay 50 Euros to have use of the property vehicle.  I am imagining a little studio exhibit with the local villagers.  When I am researching the painting series, while painting the canvases for exhibit, when setting up the exhibit and teaching the mask workshops, the actions are steeped with human experience, human exchange and its meaning.  We honor the human journey and explore what it means to be human. I am intensely committed to every step in the process and my intention is very clear and the experiences are satisfying, intriguing and even provocative at times.

All monies will be used for my expenses in production of the art and the combination exhibit and mask workshops presentations. Gallery exhibit/workshops are in place over the next year. For my workshops I will use: paint, glue, elastic, yarn, leather, felt, a traveling drum, a traveling chime, feathers, fabric, an already perfectly mixed paper-mache base and quick-dry surgical plaster strips. Many of the hand instruments and some of the costumes can be made from recycled materials. REMEMBERED DREAMS is well designed for all people including neighborhoods bereft of art/theatre/cultural exchange, disabled members of any community, those suffering from critical illness, and the elderly and there will be development along this line for sure. All of you who support me need to know the gratitude and joy that you give to me and to those who get to participate in the REMEMBERED DREAMS exhibit.  Of course, it will be very gratifying to film all my adventures researching, teaching the workshops and then edit it together in an entertaining format in order to share this very important experience and crucial turning point in my painting career.

    • March 28, 2013 Charity Oetgen Artist

      Thank you so much for your support! You have a great project ahead of you!! Good Luck!

    • February 15, 2013 Barbara HiTop Community Member

      wow! How exciting!! bringing the cave drawings into an experience for all of us. I can't wait. MAKE IT SO!

    • February 15, 2013 Barbara HiTop Community Member

      wow! How exciting!! bringing the cave drawings into an experience for all of us. I can't wait. MAKE IT SO!

    • February 11, 2013 Bill Stankay Community Member

      Very cool Eva, the new paintings look excellent! Can't wait to hear more about your adventure.

    • February 11, 2013 Kim Colwell Community Member

      Your new work looks beautiful, Eva. It's a wonderful concept. Congrats!

    • February 09, 2013 Eva Montealegre Artist

      Some of my friends suggested that I make sure people know what the perks look like. This is the BEAR HEAD MASK perk - it attaches to the top of the head and allows the wearers face to be seen. It's most fun when the wearer bends their head down or crouches into a bear position, making bear movements and that's when you get this view.