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This project was successfully funded on October 16, 2017

Record 3 Waggoner Concertos for Bridge Records

by Andrew Waggoner


We're raising $25,000 to record three recent concertos of mine for Bridge Records. The three works, Concerto for Guitar; Concerto for Violin; and Concerto for Piano, will be performed by the three incredible artists who premiered them, guitarist Kenneth Meyer, violinist Michael Jinsoo Lim, and pianist Gloria Cheng, with the Seattle Modern Orchestra conducted by Julia Tai. Each of the soloists is known for the passion and brilliance of their work in new music: Ken Meyer has commissioned more than a dozen new works for guitar, both in solo and chamber settings; Michael Lim has premiered countless pieces as soloist and with the acclaimed Corigliano Quartet; and Gloria Cheng is the go-to pianist on the west coast for contemporary music, a favorite of Boulez, Ades and Adams, best-known for her Grammy-winning disk of solo works by Lutoslawski, Salonen and Stucky. Julia Tai is founding conductor of the Seattle Modern, a group she has helped to build into a mainstay of Seattle music culture.

The concertos themselves are inter-related, virtuosic, highly dramatic, and emotionally wrenching. They constitute a multi-part musical diary spanning eight years, exploring multiple aspects of the sometimes fraught relationship between soloist and ensemble, and the different kinds of resonance that relationship can have in our own emotional lives.

Joining the players will be producer Judy Sherman, herself a recording legend for both classical and contemporary repertoire. Revered among performers and composers for the depth, clarity and musical integrity of her work, she is held in equally high regard by audiophiles for the musical truth of her recordings. We've all worked with her before and are thrilled that we get to do it again.

The total budget for the recording is $40,000, covering three days of artist fees; hall and piano rental; and production and post-production costs. Funding will come from a mix of private and foundation support, and from Hatchfund, where we hope to raise $25,000.