• Posted June 29, 2018
    Dear Team Recombined:

    We are full steam ahead in pre-production thanks to each of YOU!! Thrilled to announce that Stacey K. Black and Shea Butler have joined "Recombined" as Executive Producers! So grateful to be moving forward with these two superstars on board.

    Stacey's Bio:

    Stacey K. Black has directed episodes of TV series "Major Crimes," "NCIS - New Orleans," “MacGyver,” ”Stitchers," and "The Closer," a feature length music documentary, "Send My Mail to Nashville," music videos for artists Nolan Neal (from "The Voice"), Cindy Alexander, Kevin So, and numerous short films and videos.

    Stacey produced a web series, "Trouble Creek," with Director/Producer Shea E. Butler. They directed alternating episodes of this quirky drama, which was a festival favorite, raking in numerous awards. Trouble Creek can be seen on YouTube.

    Stacey has recut her documentary "Send My Mail to Nashville," into a 12 episode web series, which can also be found on YouTube.

    As a Composer / Singer / Songwriter, she has had songs placed on "Pretty Little Liars," "The Closer," "CSI:New York," the award winning short films "The Trial of Ben Barry," and "The Waystation" as well as numerous other short films.

    Stacey is a member of the SoCal Indie Rock band, "Nobody's Station." Their album "A Borrowed Road" and her solo album, "Guarding the Castle," are available on iTunes, CDBaby, and through other online merchants. Nobody's Station's music is featured on the short films "The Waystation" and "Sister Judy and the Delinquents."

    Before parlaying into Directing, Stacey enjoyed an Emmy Nominated career as a Film and TV Hairstylist, on shows "Major Crimes," "The Closer," "Glee," "Nip/Tuck," "Providence," and "EZ Streets."

    Stacey enjoys sushi, pho, pizza, and zumba. In that order.

    Shea's Bio:

    Shea is an award-winning filmmaker for her short films “The Trial of Ben Barry,” “The Waystation,” and the 2017 web series, “Trouble Creek.” Currently, she’s in post-production on a short film, “Finding Home,” and writing the feature film, “Dare,” to direct in 2019.

    Shea’s an alumni of Ryan Murphy’s Half Foundation Directing Fellowship and the Warner Bros. Television Director’s Workshop. She’s been a development executive, a segment producer for reality TV and a script supervisor for television and film with an MA in TV & Film. She’s a member of the Writers Guild, IATSE 871, Alliance of Women Directors and the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences, Sisters In Crime and the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators.

    Born in Cairo, Egypt to American parents living abroad, Shea’s a certified scuba diver and avid horsewoman and has traveled throughout the world, her most recent trip being a horseback riding safari through the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news from pre-production - thanks again for your support!

    My best,

    Regina Ainsworth

  • Posted June 08, 2018
    Happy Thursday Team!!

    Just wanted to give you the exciting news that today we reached our target and our project is GREENLIT, ALL SYSTEMS GO, and FUNDED!! Thanks to each of you for the wild generosity and belief in Recombined. You are the fuel behind our rocket ship. We cannot wait to get this project started and to share the journey with you along the way.

    Now, even though we will receive all the funds, we are still pushing hard towards our stretch goal, so that we can make this be the very best it can be. It truly does take a village, and we are proud and honored that you are ours.

    So much gratitude!

    Regina, Karen, and Neobe
  • Posted June 06, 2018
    Good Evening Team Recombined!!

    As we prepare to sunset this crowdfunding campaign, I just wanted to give you a couple of exciting announcements. In addition to being the fuel behind our transport, generous supporters like you are offering up services and production items (the latest is production insurance) that are enabling us to bring our target down to $10,000. Which means we are now 85% funded!!

    With a little over 3 days left we are really excited to keep everything moving this week. If you'd like to tip us over the edge, here's a sample shout out you can share:

    Check out this teaser on "Recombined" a sci-fi short film I just supported: https://vimeo.com/270458185
    If you like this, join me by making a tax-deductible contribution to their campaign here: https://www.hatchfund.org/project/recombined_a_sci_fi_short_film Their project closes at the end of the day on Friday and at 85% funded let's help tip them over the edge!

    We are super excited about launching into pre-production next week, and we couldn't have done it without you. On behalf of the production team, we are sincerely grateful!

    My best,

    Regina Ainsworth
  • Posted June 02, 2018
    Happy Saturday!!

    Team Recombined wanted to thank you for your support of our short film campaign, and invite you to be the first to see our new promo teaser, as we approach the final week and land on Loka. We have a lot of exciting news yet to come, and we look forward to sharing everything with you as the original supporters in this pivotal moment of our journey.

    Enjoy: https://vimeo.com/270458185

    More updates to come, and here is the link in the event you decide to pass along to friends and they want to board the transport! https://www.hatchfund.org/project/recombined_a_sci_fi_short_film

    In gratitude,

    Regina Ainsworth
  • Posted May 26, 2018
    Hi Everyone!

    We just wanted to give you an update and sincerely thank you for those who were able to answer our call to action yesterday and help us meet our Matchfund goal. Because of your contributions, shout outs, and shares, we are getting there and together we will make a difference.

    What would society look like with more stories that represent the world around us, speak humanity's essence, examine equality, and assess what it takes to be free? That's the core of Karen Sandler's Tankborn Trilogy, on which Recombined is based. We believe that the stories that are told in our society matter and that is why we are fighting to have this story come to fruition.

    We know that you believe representation matters and we thank you for joining us in being the fuel to our rocket ship to Loka.

    If you could help us spread the word, we'd appreciate the amplification. A sample email/text/tweet/direct message could read as follows:

    I just supported and believe in this upcoming short film, Recombined. The story's essence is about freedom, humanity, and equality, and we need more stories like that in the world. Every contribution is tax-deductible. Would you join me in amplifying their voice today?


    Thank you for your support in creating new content and together we rise!

    Regina Ainsworth and Team Recombined
  • Posted May 25, 2018
    It's ON!!

    --Matching Funds Alert--

    Hi Everyone!

    RIGHT NOW we will have $225 worth of matching funds available from Hatchfund.org through tax deductible contributions from our supporters. Our campaign manager indicated that those funds disappear really quickly, and that we need people to contribute right now at 9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST (or ASAP thereafter) to have a chance at doubling those donations. Any amount you give will be doubled as long as the matching funds haven't run out, so your gift will go twice as far!

    We need your help. Please donate (or ask a friend to) and here is the process:

    1. Visit our page at https://www.hatchfund.org/project/recombined_a_sci_fi_short_film 

    2. The phrase "Matching funds now available" will appear in a box right under our video as soon as the Match Fund is activated. When you see this box, click "Donate to this project" to have your contribution doubled.

    Thank you for your help in creating new content that matters.
  • Posted May 19, 2018
    Dear Friends and Family (AKA the Recombined Tribe):

    Lots of excitement has been happening in the past week and a half that we wanted to give you a recap, in case you missed it! Regina Ainsworth (director) has been interviewed (twice) and here is the link to that first incredible article, from B Movie Nation, based out of Chicago: http://www.bmovienation.com/?p=25590 (the second one will drop next week - you heard it here first!) Karen Sandler (writer) was invited to guest blog on Fantasy Cafe and did an incredible job here: http://www.fantasybookcafe.com/2018/05/guest-post-movie-to-books-to-movie-to-tv-by-karen-sandler/
    Great backstory for how Recombined came to be and also a super exclusive perk in the article ;)
    And we brought on Vincent Griffith from Native Productions to do our VFX. Check out our recent promo teaser featuring his phenomenal work here: https://vimeo.com/270458185

    We are currently 37% funded and we could not have made it this far without each and every one of YOU! As Recombined is now in the building our tribe phase, would you mind telling a few of your friends about us? We could easily double our tribe through your amplification. If you wouldn't mind sharing, we have found the direct ask via simple email, Facebook direct message, or text works best. Here is some sample text (if it helps):

    I've recently supported Recombined, a short sci-fi film about freedom, humanity, and equality. They are currently audience building and need support of $1 or more to keep moving their project forward. If you could join me in amplifying their vision, please explore the project and make your tax-deductible contribution here: https://www.hatchfund.org/project/recombined_a_sci_fi_short_film

    Thank YOU dear Recombined tribe, for helping us soar into the universe and beyond!!

    With sincerest gratitude,

    Regina Ainsworth
  • Posted May 08, 2018
    Hey Friends!

    Great news!! We have been receiving an outpouring of support via donation of time, talents, and equipment, which has enabled us to recalculate our budget and set a new goal! Our new target is at $18000 with a stretch goal of $30,523.

    Hatchfund is the premiere crowdfunding site that works with their artists to achieve their goals. And Regina has an exclusive agreement with Hatchfund that she will receive ALL funds submitted to make this short come to fruition, so you can donate and share to friends with confidence!! Extra bonus that everything donated is tax deductible ;)

    Keep watching for our posts and shareable tweets to further spread the word. The latest article about Regina and her successes to date is here: http://www.bmovienation.com/?p=25590 and there will be much more to come. Special shout out of gratitude to Dillon at Hatchfund, our Project Director and 1:1 support champion!! But most importantly - THANK YOU to all of our early supporters, we couldn't have gotten this project off the ground without you!!

    In gratitude,

    Regina, Karen, and Neobe, the Recombined Team!!

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