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This project was successfully funded on June 9, 2018

Recombined A Sci-Fi Short Film

by Regina Ainsworth


Recombined is our short film based on the YA Sci-Fi novel series The Tankborn Trilogy.  Veteran novelist and Writer’s Guild member Karen Sandler, filmmaker and Director’s Guild member Regina Ainsworth, and filmmaker and Producer's Guild member Neobe Velis have teamed up to bring this action filled piece to life.

In Recombined’s futuristic society, a trueborn ruling class has created and enslaved thousands of Genetically Engineered Non-humans (GENs). On a rare Rest Day, GEN Kayla gathers with a crowd of fellow GENs to celebrate the Infinite-blessed joining of GENs Tonk and Alia. Joy turns to fear when armed trueborn enforcers arrive to arrest Alia. An instant later, fear becomes terror when a bomb blast shatters the joining site. Kayla risks everything—her life, her very self—when she stands up to the enforcers to save a friend.

The title Recombined is a riff on Recombinant DNA and the definition: to join together again. The main theme addresses what it means to be human, and the fight to rise up in a society that has become segregated on the basis of socio-economic status, the color of your skin, and how you were born.  We invite you to join us as we stand with Kayla and explore a world where resistance risks everything.

Your tax-deductible contributions will go directly to the cost of making Recombined, as budgeted below. 

Cast $1500.00

Lighting and Camera $1500.00

Meals and Trash Removal $2000.00

Perk Costs $250.00

Locations and Permits $1000.00

Makeup/Hair $1000.00

Editing $2000.00

VFX $1000.00

Music $1000.00

Sound $850.00

Digital Master $800.00

Production Staff $2628.00

Set Operations $403.00

SPFX $800.00

Insurance $2000.00

Stretch Goal Total: $18,731

We plan to submit this made-for-new-media short through the film festival circuit. We will also utilize it as a concept pitch for an episodic television series, further translating the Tankborn books into something stunningly visual that the world can experience. If you believe, as we do, that we all benefit from more diverse and thought provoking storytelling, then please contribute to the success of our endeavors by donating whatever you can and sharing with your circle of influence. Thank you for your donation, and join us for Freedom, Humanity, and Equality! 


This film supports diversity and believes that the prism of what we make should mirror the fabric of our society.  Accordingly, we pledge to actively hire diverse participants, promote inclusion wherever possible, and are committed to gender parity in front of and behind the camera.

Regina Ainsworth (Director) strives to inspire positive change through her work.  Starting in the theatre as a conservatory trained actress, Regina also parlayed success into dancing, writing and directing, before transitioning her talents into filmmaking.  While refining her craft as a director in independent productions, she had the opportunity to work for Warner Bros. Television, as a Labor Relations Executive, and worked with hundreds of television shows during her tenure.  She is currently a director member of the Directors Guild of America, the DGA Latino Committee Co-Chair, the DGA Women's Steering Committee Proposals Chair, and proudly holds memberships with the Alliance of Women Directors, Women in Film, Women in Media, NALIP, and Cinefemme.
 Karen Sandler (Writer) is the author of twenty-plus novels for adults and YA that run the gamut from romance to mystery to sci-fi. As a member of the Writers Guild of America, Karen has written several short films and screenplays. Before becoming a full-time writer, she worked as a software engineer, which included work on the space shuttle program and communications satellites. Karen is a supporter of diversity in children's literature and one of the founders of We Need Diverse Books. When she isn't writing, she can be found at the stables riding her beautiful Arabian mare, Shey.
Neobe Velis (Executive Producer) is a Los Angeles based Writer, Producer and Line Producer working across all mediums.  Neobe is developing feature, television and digital content with a wide range of producing partners. She has worked on projects with production companies and distributors ranging from Pinewood Pictures  and LionsGate to YouTubeRed. She has a strong background in business, technology and film production and is leveraging that background to create original narrative films and series.  She is a member of the Producer’s Guild of America, IATSE and The Alliance of Women Directors. Neobe holds an M.B.A. and a Masters in Project Management.

World of Recombined

Given with special permission by the publishers of LEE & LOW BOOKS INC., please enjoy a peek into the world of Recombined, from the Tankborn Trilogy.

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