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This project was successfully funded on May 1, 2018


by Mariangela Lopez



In an attempt to reveal the multilayered inner landscape of a performer, RAPHAEL presents the performance as an act of remembering, channeling, and invoking to produce the transcending instant of the “show.” Five performers explore the phenomenon of tarantism and challenge the idealized image of the performer by studying the histrionic physicality of iconic Spanish male singers that were part of Lopez’s childhood cultural references. Convinced that these idols still influence the way she conceives the body on stage, Lopez juxtaposes past personal experiences, dreams, and desires with future possibilities to unveil the piece’s collective identity.

RAPHAEL will premiere on May 2-5, 2018  at the Abrons Arts Center, NYC. One of the most iconic venues for experimental performances and visual arts in NYC.

RAPHAEL arises from the need to continue the choreographic  inquiries that began with the presentation of Lopez’s most recent work “Repairing Permissions” in 2016 at The Gibney Center, NYC. After this event Mariangela was commissioned to present a new work at Abrons Arts Center for the Spring 2018, laying  the perfect opportunity to develop Raphael. The commision includes $5000 fee, plus production and rehearsal space through the support of the Jerome Foundation and Abrons Arts Center. In addition  Mariangela has received other vital supports through the Arnhold Foundation and individual donors ($5000) and two Artistic Residencies at Mount Tremper Arts, NY. While we feel incredibly fortunate and grateful for this support, RAPHAEL still needs to fundraise $11,000 due to the magnitude of project and the participation of many talented collaborators. This goal will allow us to pay the fees of  ALL the artists involved , additional stage crew and materials for costume and stage installation. Every penny counts, no donation is ever too small. We truly can only make this happen with your support!

Led by choreographer Mariangela Lopez, RAPHAEL involves the participation of 5 performers Laurel Atwell, Anna Azrieli, Mor Mendel, Mariangela Lopez and live music by Jason Grisell, set design by Mogollon NY (Monica Brand and Francisco Lopez),  lightings design by Jon Harper and costumes by Nicole Lane Fulmer.


Mariangela Lopez (choreographer, director and performer) is a Brooklyn-based choreographer and performer from Caracas, Venezuela. Her has been presented in Australia, Mexico, France, Boston and multiple venues in New York City, including Williamsburg Art Nexus, Dixon Place, Danspace Project, Movement Research at the Judson Church, P.S 122, Tisch School of the Arts, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, MonkeyTown, The New Museum, The Gibney Dance Center and Saint Ann’s Warehouse. Mariangela has collaborated as a choreographer with various artists including Yeah Yeah Yeahs' vocalist Karen O, Jason Grisell, Christian Joy, and Mogollon NYC. Mariangela was a Movement Research Artist in Residency and a Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) Artist In Residency. Raphael is Lopez third length evening work. In addition to her choreographic work Lopez has an extensive experience as a dance educator, has taught in places such as Movement Research, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Dance New Amsterdam, the Harkness Center 92 Street Y and the Laban Institute of Movement Studies, NYC. Mariangela holds a BFA from the Boston Conservatory (1999) and is a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) from the Laban Institute of Movement Studies. Currently Mariangela is the Movement/Dance Teacher at The Blue School, NYC and at the Dance Education Laboratory (DEL).

Anna Azrieli (performer) is a choreographer, performer, and teacher. Last year The Chocolate Factory Theater presented her first solo show. She has shown work at Gibney Dance, Danspace Project, The Kitchen, New Dance Alliance, Movement Research at the Judson Church, Elastic City, Roulette, Open Source Gallery, Dixon Place, Catch, and AUNTS. She was a Movement Research AIR 2010-2012. She performed with Miguel Gutierrez 2001-2011, and with Vicky Shick, Heather Kravas, robbinschilds, David Thomson, Clarinda Mac Low, luciana achugar, Sam Kim, Donna Uchizono, Wendy Perron, Fred Darsow, Olase Freeman, Erin Cornell, and Lynn Marie Ruse/Freefall. She has made work collaboratively, with Marya Wethers, with Pascale Wettstein, and with Abby Crain/Samuael Topiary. She has been in video work of David Bowie, Yanira Castro and Maya Ciarrocchi. Anna has taught through Movement Research, ClassClassClass, Moscow’s TSEKH, University of Texas Pan-American, and University of Utah. Anna emigrated from the Soviet Union at age 7 and grew up in Queens, NY. She resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Mor Mendel (performer) I started dancing under the kitchen table at the age of three, and have never stopped, professionally and personally. Born in Pittsburg, USA, at two I moved back to Israel. The region and the culture I grew up in continue to inspire and influence the way I live and move in the world.  I earned my BA in Dance Theater in Israel, before moving to NY, completing my MFA in dance at Sarah Lawrence College in 2014. In my teaching, I bring movement and dance to the young and elderly, and also to patients with Parkinson. I have the pleasure of collaborating with many talented, professional artists, as I continue to strive through my own creative path. Dancing with Mariangela within our group of five is the tip of the tip: This process is a true treasure for me. I get to dance like I haven’t danced in a while; I get to feel new and exiting rhythms in my body.

Laura Atwell (performer) Since 2008, Laurel Atwell has been living in Brooklyn and making work that has recently become more interdisciplinary with her research conducted as a Movement Research Artist in Residence. Her work has been presented at Abrons Arts Center, Dixon Place, Center for Performance Research, Draftworks at Danspace Project, Domestic Performance Agency, Links Hall in Chicago, IL, Movement Research at Judson Church, Pieter Performance Space in Los Angeles, CA as well as throughout apartments, parks, bars, and galleries in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Laurel has the pleasure of collaborating with Tess Dworman; the two recently created WellMan, a class drawing from qigong and meditation practices. Laurel has recently appeared in the work of Mariangela Lopez, Phoebe Berglund, Kim Brandt, Melanie Maar, Kathy Westwater, Tess Dworman, Ursula Eagly, Nikima Jagudajev, and Milka Djordjevich. She edits the Dance Pamphlets for 53rd State Press, teaches qigong, and is in the band Pine Island. Concocting the Raphael brew of pop concert, trance, telenovela soap opera, and musical with fellow sorcerers Mor, Rishauna, Anna, and Mari has been a most fabulously delirious time.

Jason P. Grisell (music and performer) is a vocalist, performer, and composer living and working in New York City. He is a member of synth pop duo Bubbles, and has collaborated with artists including Leona Naess, Karen O., IOULEX, Isabella Boylston, and Marcel Dzama. Raphael marks his third collaboration with choreographer Mariangela Lopez.

Mogollon NY (set design) Francisco Lopez & Monica Brand are Mogollon, a NYC-based creative studio known for their holistic approach at conceptualizing and producing work across the fields of design, film and art. This is Mogollon third collaboration with Mariangela Lopez.

Nicole Lane Fulmer (costume design) Knitting was a hobby until 2007 when I lost my job as an art gallery director during the financial crash, and faced with a lot of couch time began hand knitting for hat designers. I went into corporate fashion running production for the next few years, finally leaving to pursue knitting as a career in 2013 and attend technical courses at Knit-1 in Brighton, England. I moved to New York in 2000 to study fine art at Pratt Institute, landing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn as of late. My non-knitting hobbies are of the old-lady nature- gardening, playing with my French Bulldog Agnes and any other dog that crosses my path, meddling in neighborhood gossip, crossword puzzles, and baking (yes, my glasses match my KitchenAid Mixer).

Jon Harper (lighting design) has designed over 100 shows, and worked on hundreds more. His design work has been recognized and awarded by the South-Eastern Theater Conference, LDI, Electronic Theatre Controls, and the Buffalo Artvoice 'Artie' awards. His work was selected to represent the United States in the Prague Quadrennial's Schools of Scenography exhibit at the PQ-2007. He is currently residing in New York City and is the Director of Production at Abrons Arts Center.