• Posted April 17, 2013
    We made it! I'm dazzled, dazed and delighted to report that with five days still to go, the album fundraising goal has just been met, and slightly exceeded. You'll be getting a personal thank you for your contribution (if you haven't already). But for now, thank you all for donating, spreading the word, and cheering me on.

    Now, let's take it further.

    The minimum has been met, the album will happen, but we CAN go further. We can press more vinyl copies, print better graphics, commission extended DJ mixes, and who knows, maybe even create a music video. If the RADIO WONDERLAND album itself proves that what's basically a conceptual art project masquerading as a band can make strong danceable music, then think how much more powerful a statement it can be with a smoking remix, a video and deluxe cover art.

    Now that the goal has been met, USA Projects extends the fundraising period an extra 30 days (unsuccessful projects close down at deadline). We now have until May 22. So let's take a deep breath, maybe go out dancing (you know I'll be doing just that tonight), and I'll write back in a few days.

    As I said before, I'm beyond amazed. Thank you so.
  • Posted March 25, 2013
    One month to go!

    Folks, there's just 4 weeks--one lunar month--28 days--left for this crowdfund to bear fruit.

    I'm amazed and grateful for all who already chipped in, but the simple fact is, at this rate, we may not make it. And yet--if every one of my Facebook friends put up just 8 bucks, we'd be there tomorrow.

    Together let's make the world safer for experimental media subversion that moves.

    Here's the easily-copied short URL link to share:


    AND--THANK YOU! To Hannah Karpiw Fried, Jenny Lynn McNutt, Marsha Kabakov, Melissa Zinkin, Rich Feldman, and Scott Robinson!
  • Posted March 24, 2013
    We've cracked the 5K mark with 38 donors total! I'm amazed and grateful.

    Thank you, thank you, Agnes Busnel, Amy Neuburg, Carl Goldberg, Carlton Bright, Dan Levy, Daniel Levy, Gerald Fried, J H Henry Lowengard, Jennifer Stock, Julie Mardin, Linda Lusskin (again!), Louise Eliasof, Mark Kraus, Matt Keeley, Miriam Lawrence, Peter Fiske & Kelly Kirkpatrick, Robert Lubarsky, Robin Perl, Sandy Schlechter, Shelley Marlow and Susan Gabbay!
  • Posted March 13, 2013
    Thank you! Randee Paufve, Doris Vila, Linda Lusskin, Lucy Wollin and Anonymous!
  • Posted March 12, 2013
    Thank you!! Jeff Phinney, Jeremy Wolff, David Nagler, Steven Bookman, Hayley Gorenberg, Tom Ritchford, and Carmen Mason!
  • Posted March 09, 2013
    I'm so excited to be announcing and going public with this at last. The requisite roadblocks--multiple video edits, upload glitches, cold feet & sweaty palms--can no longer hinder.

    I've run out of excuses not to do this rather scary and exciting thing.

Experimental dance music album made of subverted corporate media sampled live in concert