Pro Recording and Release of First Original Debut Album

by Sarah Wallin Huff


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As a professional composer, there is nothing like having the opportunity to hear your work performed by top musicians from around the world. To have that performance then recorded by the finest engineers on the finest equipment, and then edited to perfection and presented on a beautiful recording with full artwork, backed by active promotion in-stores, online, and on radio, with all licensing/publishing, with reviews and full exposure to the Classical community... That is a dream-come-true for any composer. This is exactly what PARMA Recordings in New Hampshire offers to composers they have chosen to work with. I have been deeply honored to have them choose my string quartet "Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine" to be placed on their compilation album "ALLUSIONS," which was recently released September 2013. Now we are in the process of creating an entire hour-long album of my works exclusively! This collaboration I am cultivating with PARMA is a major driving force in my creative life -- it gives me a reason to continue writing and honing my craft, because I know there is an audience waiting to hear my work as it was meant to be heard.

This Selected Works of Sarah Wallin Huff album (official title TBD) will include the following original works of my repertoire: "Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine" for string quartet (performed by the New England String Quartet); "Adoré" for string orchestra (performed by the Moravian Philharmonic); "Counterpoint Invariable" for violin trio (to be recorded this December/January in Boston); "Gypsy Wanderer" for violin and piano (to be recorded this December/January in Boston); and "Courage Triptych" for violin duo, piano, soprano saxophone, and string orchestra (to be recorded this November in the Czech Republic by the Moravian Philharmonic). You can hear demos of all these works at my personal website.

We have already recorded two of the works. One is projected to be recorded overseas in November, and the remaining two will be recorded in Boston this December or January. I very much desire desire to attend the sessions in Boston, as the two works being recorded are among my most coplex and intricate. Once we have these recordings completed, the artistic team will go to work editing the recordings (with my input and approval included during the process). Then, we will talk together about assembling the five works into a program order, and fully develop the title/theme of the release; PARMA also works with local artists to develop an original and striking design for the release (I also am a part of the decision making and approval process for design). Once everything is packaged and ready to go, PARMA's distribution and PR department takes over, distributing and promoting the album worldwide! We are hoping to release this album somteime in 2014; I expect it to be ready around Summer or early Fall of 2014. PARMA will take care good care of my works and present them in the best light possible for $28,000. This minimum amount is the amount they've asked from me, to secure 11 hours of recording time with these top musicians and all of the aforementioned process of deveopment and release for the album. If we overfund this project, I will be able to fly myself (and possibly my husband) out to Boston for the December/January sessions of "Gypsy Wanderer" and "Counterpoint Invariable." I come to you all now, in the hope that you would see the value of this opportunity, not only for me but for Modern Classical Music as a whole, and join with me to support PARMA in making this opportunity a reality.