Printmaking Residency at Vermont Studio Center

by Katharena Rentumis


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Thank you for taking the time to learn about my Project. I am trying to raise the rest of the funds that are necessary to make my Printmaking Residency at Vermont Studio Center a reality.

The cost of fees for a 4-week residency at VSC is $3,950 including studio, accomodations, and meals. Since I received an artist grant and work exchange award, the remaining cost due to Vermont Studio Center is $2,150.

***My Project Goal of $2,700*** reflects the Residency Fees, Cost of Shipping Rewards, travel to the Residency, and about 1/5 of my Material Budget.

If my Project is overfunded, I will be able to buy materials that are essential to bring to Vermont since paper, ink, canvas, paint, and other materials are not provided by the Residency. For materials like printing glass and paper, I need to order in advance and have them shipped to me. I have estimated that I need $629 for materials so any amount over my budget will go towards those supplies. 

My residency at VSC is scheduled for January 2014 and I need to pay the rest of my fees to the Vermont Studio Center by December 6th. I’m on a tight schedule so I appreciate your help with making this happen and spreading the word. Every bit and any amount donated to my project will help me get one step closer to my goal.

I’m really excited for my residency at VSC because I will have time to work in my own private space and communal printshop while being able to interact with 49 other artists and writers. The opportunity for feedback and critique from visiting lecturers will help me to work through new ideas and directions. Critique, time, and studio space for creating will be a huge gift for me as an artist and will be monumental in building a new body of work that would be impossible otherwise.

Since my graduation, I haven’t had my own studio space but I have experienced the wonder of travel and have been fortunate to be apart of some amazing artist communities….

After being awarded the Elena Prentice Scholarship to Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, I studied Paper Sculpture with Matthew Shlian. The idea of making paper pop off the wall is a huge visual interest that I would like to explore with glass plate printing (vitreography) that I learned at Pilchuck Glass School where I was the Print Shop Coordinator for two sessions. With your help, I will be working on new glass plate monotypes and prints that have sculptural possibilities for larger installations. 

At Vermont Studio Center, I will have the gift of time to explore ideas that have been simmering in my imagination and sketchbooks and discover new ideas through uninterrupted time in the studio. 

With your help, my residency at Vermont Studio Center can become a reality at a crucial time of my career as an artist. I appreciate your time and consideration. THANK YOU for your interest, support, and help with spreading the word!!!


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