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This project was successfully funded on January 9, 2018

Premiere CD of my music

by David Carpenter


I have partnered with Parma Recordings to release a compact disc of three of my chamber works in the spring of 2018: my piano sonata; my trio for violin, viola, and cello; and my song cycle, From the Valley of Baca, for baritone and piano. The funding for this project will go toward paying my musicians, my recording engineer, and Parma for the mastering, packaging, and promotion of this CD.

I feel at this point in my career as a composer I have a substantial body of works that demonstrates a professional level of composition, and also expresses my personal artistic voice. I'm excited to share these three pieces with a broad public in a commercial CD release, and also showcase the talents of my wonderful performers. Parma has been most enthusiastic about my music, and in addition to producing this CD, they will release it on several streaming platforms, and market the work in both print and online formats. There’s nothing more exciting for a composer than to share one’s music with a wide audience—I hope that my music will be as meaningful to all the listeners who will hear this CD as it is to me.

This project is already well underway: I am in the process of rehearsing with my musicians, and the recording sessions are taking place. The raw audio will be ready for mastering by January of 2018, when I will visit Parma in New Hampshire to work with their staff on this part of the project. Also at that time, Parma and I will discuss the packaging of the CD, including the graphic design and program notes. The CD is scheduled for release in April 2018, when it will also be made available on iTunes, Naxos Music Library, Spotify, and many other streaming platforms.

My fundraising goal is $6,000; my stretch goal is $8,000. As this project has proceeded, there has already been need for additional rehearsal and recording time, and stretch goal funds will cover these extra expenses. Thank you very much for reading about this project, which means so much to me and my performers—I'd be most grateful for your support!

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