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This project was successfully funded on June 19, 2017

Pleasant Place

by Petra Zanki


“Pleasant Place” is a full evening multimedia dance performance choreographed and directed by Petra Zanki and developed in collaboration with dancers Lorraine Lau, Jaclyn Mason, Tyisha Nedd. The work also includes an original music composed by Benoit Pîoulard (a Seattle singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist) and a stage design by visual artist Allison Kudla, and photography by Rosetta Greek. It is the second work of the dance trilogy on love, life, and death [ 365 (2016.); Pleasant Place (2017-2018); Freight (2019)] that I have been preparing in past four years. The first part “365” on love, for on dancer, was co-presented with Velocity Dance Center in Seattle last year. “Pleasant Place”, will be on life, and interconnection between life and death.


Working on the intersection between dance and science, inspired by plant neurobiology, specifically plants’ movement, the “Pleasant Place” is very tightly linked to the theme of ecology of mind and moved by theories of Gregory Bateson. “What is the pattern that connects crab to the lobster and the primrose to the orchid, and all of them to me and me to you?” are his words, and crucial for my work. We will be talking about our different experiences with a specific interconnection between humans, humans and nature. The performance is moved by opposites and in relation to themes of life/death, narcissism/compassion, light/darkness, origins/roots, nature/culture.


The “Pleasant Place” will consist of three equally long parts: “Objects of memory”, “No-Place”, and “Green”. In the 1st part the stage is somber: there is an aftermath of an apocalyptic event. Three dancers recollect remnants of the remaining world. 2nd part: bardo is visually and musically immersive.  As you would see it in a dream, dancers play with video imagery that runs faster to a blinding end. The 3rd part: birth is green and has plants growing. The dancers’ move as real plants would. They ask questions as children would: e.g. "Where do I stop and you begin?"



This work is a very important work in my artistic development, as it larger in scale and scope. It will also be a first time in the US to work with a full cast of local artists, and help me establish myself as a local artist in our community.  The first 20 mins. of “Pleasant Place” (first part) are going to be shown at the NW New Works festival at On the Boards on June 17th/18th 2017. OtB is providing support, funds, technical expertise, and rehearsal space. We still need to raise $4,717.80 to pay the artists who are working on this project (for artists' rehearsal time and fees) as well as to provide costumes, stage set, props, and rent equipment for the performance. If we overfund the project we will be able to finish the production and present it in early 2018.


Thank you very much for your willingness and generosity in supporting the project.

We wouldn’t be able to make it without you!


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