Platonic Polyhedron Pagoda

by Dina Ramirez


Platonic Polyhedron Pagoda,  is a collation of Regional Burn Projects over the past year.  The projects have become a process of a trial and error on what easily travel, set up quickly and what is a successful interactive Art piece.  When the Placement Team at Burning Man asked for Artist who had experience with custom tents and gazebos, it was if they were looking for us.  P3 is a custom seating area with programed LEDs laid out to create enthralling conversation.

P3 is a 12' x 12' base frame that host polyhedron shapes to create shade and seating area.  Each side of the pagoda will have a tetrahedron shape swing big enough to hold two people.  The flooring is a lighted up equilateral pentagon spiral displaying colorful patterns that will correspond with the lighting inside the pagoda.  Around the this elaborate shade structure will be seven Lotus Leaf sitting chairs colored to match the chakra symbols etched on them.   In the center of it all, a dodecahedron lantern with pattered of lotus.   

Funding from Regional Burns is limited and much of the already build pieces need maintenance.  As well as all Artist involved deciding to enlarge the project for Burning Man, unfortunately at a time where the price of metal is increasing.  We are looking seeking $2500 for additional materials, maintenance of existing pieces  and transportation cost.  All additional fund will be used during Burning Man to assist the camp Lotus Ranch who will incorporate this Art piece in they daily events.  Any amount is greatly appreciated!!  The Art Collective of Lotus Ranch constantly challenges themselves to find bigger and more interactive Art for it’s community.