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This project was successfully funded on March 13, 2013

Perra Pumps' Last Call

by Javier Hurtado


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I developed the first version of Perra Pumps Last Call  durring a residencey at AS220 in Rhode Island. When the residency was over, I came back to California where I was offered another chance to develop the show further at El Teatro Campesino in San Juan Bautista. Perra Pumps Last Call is the third installment in a trilogy of short plays that I'm currently writing that chronicle the hopes, joys and struggles of a queer Chicano family living in California from 1960- 2013. This project explores the themes of gentrification, migration, legacy and family from an explicitly queer Chicano lens.

Perra Pumps is just finishing up last call at her bar "Mi Cantina" when she shares with her close friend DJ Mikey Flexxx that she may lose the small mexican drag bar that she owns because the rent is going up.  She tries to make sense of this shift by sharing songs, stories, and shots with Mikey Flexxx and tries to save her bar by doing odd jobs on the advice of a Virgen that appears to her in her dreams.  

The project is already in motion. My residency with El Teatro Campesino began in January with acclaimed solo perfomer/playwright Ruben C. Gonzalez and I editing and revising the script for this premier. On Febrauary 3rd, we began rehersing for opening night March 8th. But I need your help. 

I'm asking you for support with this project so that I can make it happen. I need to raise $2,500 to pay for the show. El Teatro has been very generous with its space and resources but there are still costs that need to be covered. If reach my goal of $2,500 dollars, I will be able to pay designers, and technitians to help make this show something that I can tour. If I exceed my goal, that money will be put toward booking tour of this show. 

There are a few way to help....

1- Donate Today!(All Donations are tax dedcucable and there are some really cool perks) 

2- Tell your Friends!If you can't make a donation, help me get the word to anyone in your networks that might be able to 

3- Come to the show and bring a friend! It would be awesome to see you in the audience! 


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